about US :)  

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1/23/2006 3:37 am

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about US :)

when u met a person
only 2 times in ure life
can u have strong feeling for him??
i dont think so!

but im feeling it now
cuz the time we shared together
was so great
cuz a bit of life that we live together
was so amazing

i wish i can do eerything for him
i wish i can let all this feeling out
but i know i cant

cuz he has his future all planned up
and im not in it
i only allowed to feel it for a moment
regret? no regrets

i remember when i was wakin up
in his arms
oh, i'll never forget that feeling
he'll always be in my heart

im only stop by in his life for a while
but i treasure every moments
i just need him to do one thing...
pls dont forget our time
dont forget about us , doc!

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