I CANT Resist Him !!! damn ?  

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7/25/2006 10:42 pm

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7/31/2006 6:15 pm

I CANT Resist Him !!! damn ?

damn damn damn...i cant resist him (yeah thats mr patience, remember him, right ?). did u girls ever feel like me. i mean when u can control everything around u but u cant just resist the presence of this man?? he just challenge u and u take it, he just tease u a bit and u cant help it...

Maybe i didnt try hard enough?? or maybe i dont want to try hard at all?? hahaha..yeah yeah, very charming man. those eyes (will make me wet if look at me deep), those lips (hmmm seduce my lips with his lips), those beard (tickle my whole body n pussy) those hands..(really know how to touch), the smell (i heal it and make me horny even more) n those always-wet-cock (ohh so tempting!!)

look at him, makes me wanna tell him directly..oh pls fuck me. and he did. taste him felt sooo good in my mouth, feel him inside me felt like im in high...so addictive. i want more and more and more and more. he dfinitely can push me to the limit. and now writing this thinking of him, i know im wet already!

is it bcuz the sex was soooooooo good?? or is it bcuz he know perfectly how to treat me in bed?? he know what i like??
what i feel when im with him in bed is so..so...damn, i cant describe it, but it felt so satisfying, intense orgasms, he's so easy to make me cum....many times, love to lick his cock till i taste his cum or just play with it. its just so total, i mean everything, what i need and want in bed, he can fulfill it. (ohhh he's gonna realllyyyy proud of himself if he read this!).

so tell me how can i resist him...

ps. all this is in my mind whole day long, so i gotta spill it out....otherwise i'll keep hornyyyy....hmm but i am still horny now....help!

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