Old Friends  

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Old Friends

There is a cement path
Next to the river
Leading through trees
Along the back of Mansions
Of the powers that be
"De Pere"
Historic Homes
Leading to the Mill
Now a hotel
Standing on it's own
Over looking this river of moods
Every day it tells
It's emotion
With color
My favorite to date
Was the mirror
It's grey like state
Smooth as glass
Showing me the surround
Of warming colors
Falling past
Upon ground
As I continued on
Felt the right place
Jumped up into the seat;bench
And sat on the back
Watching the waters
Occassionally ripple and react
My heart melts

As "a friend" comes down,
Seeing me there, in my old place to think
My "office" to greet
She sits next to me
And welcomes me back
(for I walked out on that job, and never went back - to get my things)

I just smiled and laughed..

As she kept me company
Enjoying the sails in the wind
Like flags
Into another day
They lead my eyes to hers
As she took a strand of hair out of my face..

her smile

her laugh

"Do you have My Romance Package available?
My baby? 'unborn'.."

"What one...?"

"'Hopeless'.. Can you give me a good rate?"

"I'd be honored to hold you for a night"

"Thanks.. but make it a week, and I'll let you know if it changes.." "I'll be calling you"
I circled as I walked away, coming around again to say..

"To see how good I trained you"

"Top Shelf"

top shelf

Song of Post: "I can't help falling in love" by Elvis

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