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4/11/2006 7:06 am

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I had a great day yestreday.

A exguest stopped by - he's one of those - that attract everyone.. in masses - and he was way to polite to be blunt- he had to address everyone.. but as soon as he'd end one conversation.. ten more waited.. I always avoided him.. until the one night.. six months later.. he was plastered in my lobby.. he actually fell over.. so I came out pretty quick.. He was due to get married in two months.. she called it off, and broke his heart. I helped him to his room.. and he was wallowing pretty good.. I gave him a reality check.. he pointed out that I didn't like him.. That really got to me.. that a guest thought I didn't like him.. and the fact he was hurting.. really got me to be pretty soft to.. I told him laughing.. I liked him.. I just didn't like being trampled by the masses that were chasing him.

I suddenly felt a lot more weight.. and was pinned between him and the wall.. he wasn't out cold.. I kinda wish he was.. lol but.. he gave me a look.. one of those deep - I'm going to make love to you looks.. he whispered 'you like me..' as he came in.. and I turned and said "I'd like you more if you were sleeping it off in bed right now" (he made some.. remark about getting in bed.. but, I didn't hear it clearly.. ) I got him in his room... on his bed.. he was out cold.. I stood there for a bit.. (thinking of getting a video camera.. and selling it to all the women of the hotel.. giggling - but, I behaved.. took off his shoes.. turned him on his stomach.. and covered him up - went to the machine on the first floor.. got some tylenol.. and a bottle of water.. came back up put it on his night stand.. made sure he was breathing.. and left)

From that point on he chased me down.. he'd wait fifteen-thirty minutes.. for me to check him in.. wouldn't have no other do it, if I was there..

..but last night.. he was sitting out front of the hotel, on his new toy. (he now resides in a apartment in town) A Harley Davidson.. he stopped by on a ride to show it off and say hi to the staff.. and I have a big mouth.. lol

When someone brings in something I want.. I always say "FOR ME?" you'd be surprised how much people will give you.. but.. I asked him, "when do I get a ride..?" he said "hop on" After giving my boss my suit coat.. and purse.. who was out there admiring.. we were gone.. (She didn't stop me.. must of been ok)

I swear.. if I'd of died.. I would of died happy.. lol

(I even got to drive it..)

nothing like feeling that heat between your legs.. the vibration - and a man behind you holding on..


he pulled in back of the hotel to drop me off.. and tried to kiss me..


I did it again..

I stopped him..

I'm single.. he's not a guest..

and I stopped him.. ???

but.. I did do a full body scan..

and I'd love to get a taste of that man..


I passed

I'd of preferred.. some co workers not of seen.. me stop that kiss - everyone now thinks I'm insane.

well.. if the shoe fits.. lol

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4/11/2006 8:20 am

A few girls have let me in on a seldom spoken aspect of their own unstoppable attraction to that brand of cycle and them men who ride them.

Seeing girls who obviously had that Harley thing going on never made much sense to me but eventually I was cued in to the fact that when riding atop a Harley when it' in second gear those flatulent rumblers make for the largest and most exquisite feeling rolling vibrators on the planet.

They also mentioned that all the other visceral features that simultanuously go with that, the wind in your hair, your arms clinging to the leather clad bad boy, etc, also greatly contribute to the 'gestalt' of the experince.

Or so I was told by some rough ridin' female Harley fanatics.


mysteriesofme replies on 4/11/2006 9:01 am:
I'm not attracted to men on Harleys.. just.. what I needed.. was, just again.. in front of me. Funny how that always happens. I was feeling.. extremely weak.. drained.. hurt.. and there was the Harley..

In N.C. my friends had Harleys.. "Blackburn" always brought a extra one for me to drive, he didn't like me riding with anyone, lol.. (He got me my license, obviously) He took good care of me.. and driving one of those is like flying to me, as my hair lights aflame along with the passion in my soul..

and yestreday as we were going down the freeway.. I felt those friends around me again.. when I closed my eyes.. and held on tight to him, in my mind

It felt good to be home again.. "Safe" and "Strong"

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