100 Arousing Turn Me On  

mysteriesofme 45F
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4/6/2006 9:40 am

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4/14/2006 8:26 am

100 Arousing Turn Me On

1- Beer Kisses

2- Lightly painted finger strokes against lower back in public

3- A good smelling man

4- Seeing a hard dick, caged

5- Feeling one against me, caged

6- Chocolate covered strawberries

7- Champagne

8- Imperfections

9- Uniqueness

10- Smiles

11- Bedroom eyes

12- Strong shoulders

13- Most definately the right pair of hands

14- Smooth ass

15- Feeling a mans hips in my hands

16- Kisses/Breaths on the back of my neck

17- Cold hands on my nipples

18- Tasting me in his kiss

19- Being held during Chick Flicks

20- Just say 'NO'

21- Guitar players (brings memories)

22- masterbation

23- music

24- cars

25- wind (oh yeah)

26- rainstorms

27- thunderstorms

28- watching the ocean

29- star gazing

30- "Boat rides"

31- watching fire

32- Confident men

33- Everyday man (not a perfect ten - I go in the other direction- have a six pack? - drink it and then come see me, lol)

34- A man that reads to me (top five)

35- Equality

36- Feeling bark of a tree under my hand

37- First Kisses

38- Hands Squeezing my ass

39- Wet Kisses to my neck dropping to chest

40- The right songs (memories)

41- "Back in Black" AC/DC (memories with a 'King')

42- "Stroke Me" Billy Squier (of a dance, the same night)

43- "Thunderstruck" AC/DC (different memories)

44- teasing

45- tickling (not to much or I'll become annoyed)

46- comedy

47- charm

48- New York Accents

49- Southern Accents

50- Sigh, (oh, sorry) ah "Accents"

51- A man in grunt uniform - forget the dress blues.. I like one at work.. (plus miss seeing it everyday)

52- A marine corps haircut (especially on doc, mm mm mmmmmmm)

53- The feel of said haircut in my hands

54- Soft feet (mirroring my own)

55- Footsie

56- While we are sitting.. run your hand down my thigh to the back of my knee and massage between the two bones - done right.. I'm wet (boyfriend always found that area- one of his favorite spots on a woman- intrigued me then.. as now- that was a given turn on, so to say)

57- A man stripping at the bar for me in front of everyone (that was nice.. )

58- Intimacy

59- Picnics

60- Hiking

61- Driving Fast

62- Playing rough

63- Pain

64- Winning

65- Losing to the right person

66- Reaching goals

67- Finding bottom lines.. lol

68- Smiling so much it hurts

69- <-says it all

70- sucking on a mans cock

71- laying on my back, on my elevated bed (Captains bed) head hanging off the bed.. him fucking my throat

72- Showering with a man (bf denies me of that ) POUT

73- For it's one of my favorite places to give a blow job

74- A Whirlpool tub with two

75- Being bathed

76- A man washing my hair.. (first husband was sooo good at that.. )

77- A man that paints nails.. (my toes are a experience.. talk about ticklish)

78- being clean shaven.. (purrrr)

79- Hot baths

80- Warm Terry Cloth Bathrobe after a bath- put on me as a jacket, by a man... mmhm

81- him taking it off a few minutes later..

82- Being naked while he is still clothed, heightens experiences in all my nerves

83- feeling thigh high nylons under my clothes

84- and a string... through my ass cheeks (memories) giggling

85- not talking of the future, living in the now

86- watching horses run free

87- sunsets

88- rivers

89- waterfalls

90- fields of grasses- moving like the oceans waves

91- singing (although.. I need to keep my day job, lol)

92- sharing silence with a friend

93- watching trees dance

94- being in luv (the combination of lust/love)

95- a orchestra painting pictures to mind with music

96- speaking different languages.. as the body tells me the words.. (she bites her thumb)

97- being taught new words, I never knew

98- really 'touching' a human heart, by something I did

99- serving

100- ancient things (from so long ago - still in the present times) Examples: rare coins.. in my hand.. boats fully restored..- buildings still standing.. Beautiful..!


4/6/2006 1:45 pm

53- The feel of said haircut in my hands

How about the sharply spiny cactus-like sensation of a set of partially grown out shaven balls?

I wonder if they make Mohave Joe type jarhead wigs?

Or pubic wigs.

I do now recall those old ads in the back of magzines for fake macho chest hair. Most of my body is essestially bald except for the non chrome dome.


mysteriesofme replies on 4/7/2006 5:38 pm:
ok ok.. you reminded me I have a weakness for men with long hair to.. sigh


4/6/2006 1:47 pm

And somehow I get a feeling of being mocked implied in the fact of a list 100 things. better get back to my own or it will NEVER show up.


mysteriesofme replies on 4/7/2006 5:38 pm:
that's becuz you are sooo smart

toothysmile 51M
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4/6/2006 4:32 pm

ummm... let's start with numbers 6, 7, 18, 70... oh and 69 of course...

mysteriesofme replies on 4/7/2006 5:40 pm:


4/6/2006 6:32 pm

101. cleverly devising as many ways as possible of teasing potential (and real) lovers which (in addition to the tease) also hopefully serve the dual purpose of getting them to competitively pit themselves against one another for your favor.

And even though your efforts with this can often backfire on you in unexpected and unwanted ways I still think you may posess more raw talent with it than you do with the writing of poetry. (which is indeed one of the many techniques you do it through) You should teach seminars or something.


mysteriesofme replies on 4/7/2006 5:41 pm:
If that is what you think of me sir, you don't know me at all

rm_smosmof2 68M
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4/6/2006 8:20 pm

being in luv (the combination of lust/love)

wonderful, one of the best portmanteus I've ever encountered!

mysteriesofme replies on 4/7/2006 5:42 pm:
oh.. new word..

rm_69SuperSport 49M
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4/13/2006 12:07 pm

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, funny thing, we could satisfy each others arousings to the tune of bout 90% . Makes me wonder while we don't match on the cupid scale..~Wink~

_King_Cobb_ 55M
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5/8/2008 10:07 am

I like that you let all the comments stand in their full glory!

insert exploding bomb image here

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