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2/26/2006 3:34 pm

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catch of the day.

not sure if the one I started posted or not.

This was generated from one of my hobbies. fishing. While in the secluded quiet place your mind starts to wonder.

I decided to go and she decided to come with for some reason. It was a nice warm spring day I was wearing a tee and shorts. She had on a v-neck and and little shorts that complimented her beautiful ass. Damn such an ass man!

We walked through the woods and found the spot. Sat down and began to fish. She noticed how quiet and secluded it was. Also noticing that no one was around. We fished for an a hour or two. Then packed up and headed back. She decided to lead on the way back. When we got thick into the woods she suddenly stopped.

She turned said nothing pushed me up against a tree. Knocked everything out of my hands. Began kissing me forcefully but exciting. She bite down on my bottom lip as her hands reached down between my legs to see if I was excited as she. After that I was quick to switch positions and pin her against the tree. My one hand reached around to the back of her head I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. Exposing her neck (a woman's neck can be very sexy). My tongue slide down her neck from her chin. Then slide around the side alternating from licking and biting. As my mouth reaches around under her ear I pull her hair harder to expose more. My other hand slide down the middle of her chest. squeezing her frim tits outside of her shirts... her nipples hardening.. her breathe in my ear exciting me. Her hands have not left my hard cock... pumping it squeezing my balls. I bite on the lower part of her ear. and she moans out loud. My head sliding in the middle of her chest my finger tips grab a hold of her shirt and I pull it down. My mouth moving down her chestlicking and nibbling. my fingers pull down her shirt exposing her very hard nipples and my tongue starts to flick and lap over them. I gently bite down holding her nipples between my teeth my tongue sliding over it. My other hand reaches down and starts rubbing against her pussy. I can feel the heat from it. My mouth comes back to her ear and I whisper your pussy feels so hot right now. She moans out and says fuck. Her hands just stopped and squeezed my cock so hard.

She then forcefully pushed me back on the tree. She knelt down lifted up my shirt and began licking and biting my chest. She slide my shorts down and immediatelt went down as my cock sprang free. She wanted to devour it. opening her mouth and swallowed as much of it as she could my hands on the back of her head pushing it forward so she could get as much of it as she could. Then i reach down and lift her up. I unbottoned her shorts pulled them all the way off. My hands went underneath her arms and i Lifted her up onto my shoulders. Her warm pussy in front of my face. I began rubbing my entire face all over her pussy. I made my tongue fat and dragged it up the length of her very wet slit. Opening up her clit my tongue lapping around it. Just steady sliding over it. Her moans began increasing and getting louder. so I fastened up the pace. Then I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it deep into my mouth. Holding it inside my mouth I begun to humm on it mmmmm. Letting her clit slide out of my mouth I pressed my lips together giving her clit a slight pinch. She let our a very loud gasp. She says im so close. I told her she has to cum on my tongue. So i shoved as much of my tongue as i could inside of her. Her hips started bucking on my shoulders. She grunts, I luv fucking your face. Then tells me she was cumming. mmmm alll over my tongue.

I let her down. She comes to my ear and say i have to have you inside of me. She leads me over to a tree stump... sits me down... She straddles me. I hold on tightly to her hips. guiding her.. the head of my cock entering she begin to moan louder as it streches her. She continues sitting down until all of cock is inside her. She bucked her hips once very hard, yet let out another load cry. my head buried into her chest licking and and biting her hands behind her squeezing her ass. holding onto her ass pulling her onto me so she can ride me hard and harder. my one hand reaches under and slides around her wet pussy. my finger got very wet and i started to massage her tight little asshole. putting slight pressure against. She is now out of control riding me hard and fast. I am getting very excited just by watching her and her facial expressions. her head just moving around rapidly. then she stops.. gets up... turns around.. and sit back down on my throbbing cock. she start just bouncing up and down on it. I love watching my cock disappear inside of her. I reach around to the front of her and my fingers begin grinding against her clit. sliding them up and down with her motions. SHe crys out fuck im going to cum again. I tell her to cum all over my cock cum all over it now. my fingers letting her clit slide between them and i give it a slight pinch.. holding her clit between my finergs. I hear im cumming!!!

She stands me up moves me to the side. bends over.. puts her hands on the stump. looks back and demands I give it to her. I come right up and push my entire cock inside of her in one thrust. my hands grab onto her shoulders and i pull her back onto my cock. My cock starts pumping in and out from the tip to the base. long fast thrusts. she looks back and tell me She wanted my cum all over her tits. with what she said and her facial expression that threw my to the point. I pushed her forward and my cock came of out her. she quickly knelt down and began pumping my cock with her hands squeezing it moaing as she was doing so. I cry out im cumming. she lifts her tits to the head of my cock and i started to explode all over them. My cum coating her tits. She still kept on stroking my cock. then wrap her lips around the head of it and sucked on it very hard. Making sure it was all out of me.

We get dressed and I jokingly asked when the next time she wanted to come fishing.

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