If I could build the perfect woman.  

myownthang1 39M
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7/12/2005 11:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

If I could build the perfect woman.

If it were possible to build the perfect woman.
humm, what would I want? Well to start I guess the perfect woman would....Screw it, there is no such thing as a perfect woman. I'm tired and I thought I would write something but i'm to tired so screw it.

1playfulgal 40F
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7/13/2005 12:12 am

thnaks for the laugh...

redmustang91 58M  
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7/13/2005 11:31 am

The original Stepford Wives movie supposedly had android women who were "perfect"! They were available for sex and loudly praised there husband's wonderfully sexuality. They had large boobs, dressed in frilly sundresses and were obsessed with cleaning and cleaning products.
Not my idea of a perfect companion!

I think the concept of a lady on the street and a whore in the bedroom pretty well summarizes what I desire. Also smart, funny, kind, good cook, good wage earner, good cook, dedicated mother, attractive and fit, with a tremendous love for me would be nice. My mate is about 50% of these, she lacks the sexy part.

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