Teaser taste of her CANDY  

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5/14/2005 10:41 am

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Teaser taste of her CANDY

Teasing from the site as it evolves its available services leaves this former member once again straddling the fence.

The blogs have re-invigorated my interest in the MEMBERS on the site. Member creativity, openess and interaction through the blogs is what I thought I was getting when I initially joined and then later paid to join.

While a paying member I became disillusioned with the lack of interaction, yes, I realize you ladies are overwhelmed with "our" atttention. However misguided our advances might be.
My 3 month membership expired amid a flurry of problems on the site, from my profile just disappearing to several days of no access at all to the site. So when renewal came up it was a "no brainer", and I just drifted back to standard status.

The advent of the blogs drew me back into the site more often, Members in the blogs made pervin' and perusing interesting, exciting, thought provoking and along the way a growing sense of community with all of you developed. THANK YOU ALL !!

I was seriously pondering joining again, wanting to explore the camming features and the video profiles were of interest to me.
Yesterday I became aware of the new 1 comment restriction per blog. The site has me now, if the restriction is placed on only standard members. But if it is a blanket one comment per blog regardless of membership status, THEY push me back onto the fence.

This site policy as it now exist stifles its own site growth, both in member interesr/interaction and in compelling standard members to pay. Especially for the male members. Ladies receive winks/hotlistings and get access to profiles, and have a 10 mails per day contact limit.
Options are limited, and the performance of the site with regards to weekends , updating, posting blogs, mail delivery, are always frustratingly slow!! And don't get me started about the holiday weekends!! and what about our info being accessible through google?
Perhaps if the site would see fit to ALERT MEMBERS OF IMPENDING POLICY CHANGES the feeling of chasing a carrot on stick, or dollar bill on a string, would not be so frustrating. Afterall the persuit / hopes of a sexual connection has us all at ALERT LEVEL RED most of the time.

So, I sit here on the fence once again, attempting to rationalize paying for a wonderful CANDY BAR that keeps shrinking in availability, wanting more than a taste, but seeing the little elves making smaller portions!!

Would really enjoy some company , up here on the fence!! Bring Candy

hourglasses 49F

5/15/2005 1:21 pm

As I'm writing this, it is one comment per post regardless of whether you're a paid member or standard.

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