Skinny Dipping at the REC.  

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Skinny Dipping at the REC.

One of my Fav Blogger Dolls has returned, DivinityDesiresDivinityDesires, and one of her musings launched me back into a wonderful memory.....

"I want to go with you!!?? Will you drive slowly enough for me to follow??" she sheepishly asked, to my surprise.

"Of course, but you know where we are going, but I will make sure we don't get too far ahead!" I said winking and smiling.

We were at our cars, it was 2:15 a.m. and the club had emptied out into the parking lot facing Greenville ave.

There would be 4 of us, sneaking off on the QT to go Skinny Dipping at the Jr. College we all attended, if the coast was clear!! Our biggest concern NOW that I had found a partner, was to escape without any gawkers following.
We were leaving the usual large group of friends/fellow students, and having 15 or so cars show up at the Rec Center would not be a clandestined arrival!

We Lied, "Yeah we will meet you for Breakfast! just have to stop and get some gas, and we'll be there!!" nudge nudge, wink wink.

After ditching the group by pulling into the local 7/11, we jetted to the school, and arrived to find the parking lots completely deserted, as we parked.

All 4 of us, were a bit giddy with excitement, half drunk, whispering and planning which side of the pool walls to scale.

Fortuitously picking the far side, where there was a wooden bench, which was easily placed at the wall and bam we were in!!

It was mid April the night was just cool enough that the heated pool had a fog over the pool surface.
Keep your clothes in the shadows, in case the "Barney Patrol" (security) comes by, but have them ready so we can dress and run!! They will try and detain us for the police!!" my friend "B" warned.

We separated into Partners, and I saw the excitement in her eyes, as she pulled me to one side of the wall high bush.
Shea was an athletic, medium built, extrovert, that I had had a couple of classes with our first semester here.
She began to giggle, "I can't believe we're doing this! And I can't believe that I asked to come!" as she pulled her top off, and kicked her shoes off and began undoing her jeans.
I was sexually charged looking at her in her bra as her panties and legs came into view. My shirt was gone, shoes off and pants down as my eyes watched Shea wiggle out of her panties and step close to me.
Shea pressed up against me, and teasingly buried her head in my bare chest, and unhooked her bra, and dropped it on top of her clothes.
My boxers dropped to the ground and I felt my hard on press between us, as her full breasts pressed to me. OHhhhh, my, the warm flush heat of our bodies, chill bumps exploded over us both, as we wrapped our arms around each other, and kissed for the first time.
Our tongues pressing over our lips, and youthful moans of passion surged electrically between us. It was a short kiss filled with sexual urgency, and my virgin mind and body was at the explosion point!!

Shea broke the kiss and pulled at my waist, and I followed alongside in 2 large strides, and we dove into the foggy surface.
The warm water was exhilarating; the force of the water rushing over my body from the force of the dive was sexually erotic too! The force of the dive, pulling down on my erection was stimulating, my balls flapping against my body just excited me more, and then breaking through the surface to breathe in the cool air.
I shuddered in excitement, and stood in the 6 ft water, Shea right in front of me, treading water and moving closer, her hands finding my shoulders, and pulling us together. Her heels finding my thighs, and our bodies moving together, the water rushing from between us, as our wanton body flesh touched, and then pressed together.

Shea's legs entwined around my thighs, and she pressed herself to me, my erection firmly pressed between us, a pulsing heated pole, between our bellies. Her wonderful, soft ample bosoms pressed to me as our open mouths met, and I sucked her tongue in, and pressed it to mine.
Shea pressed her arms out, breaking our kiss, her legs rode up to my waist, and she pressed her crotch against my hardness as she leaned back. Tightening her thighs around me, she rode up and down, pressing her warm lips up and down the length of my cock. Arching her back and the fullness of her breasts broke the surface of the water, nipples erect, and they danced through the surface, my hands cupping them on the sides, their fullness exposed to the cool air and my lustful eyes.
Shea head went back and she tightened her thighs, holding me against her, and flexed and released her thigh muscles, pressing water along the length of my erection and her lips, the sensation made the heat instantly boil in my balls.
Shea released her legs and pulled herself to me, her eyes filled with fire, as she glided toward me, her mouth at water level, open, we kissed and she slowly laid her chest against me, then her waist and her legs, her arms drifting down, her hands running over my back down to my waist.
Shea's hands opening and her fingers feeling down as she caressed my ass in her fingers. One hand tracing over my ass, the other to my hip, and then easing between our stomachs, touching the head of my dick. Her other hand pressing down between my cheeks and running a finger between my scrotum and anus. Pulling me up to her hand, her fingers wrapping around me, and pulling softly down the base of my erection and then squeezing.
All the while, Shea, smiling wickedly, her eyes staring into mine, enjoying the grimaces of pleasure that etched my face. Throaty guttural moans filled my ears, as I felt my shaft fill with heat and soft tugs pulling on me, urged my explosion!!!

"LIGHTS SUDDENLY SWIRLING OVER US, a loud Voice yelling....Hey, don't Move, I am calling the Police, Stop right there!!" as we exploded from the pool to the other side, where our clothes were piled.

Hurriedly pulling on Jeans, shirts and grabbing our shoes, underwear and socks left behind as we scaled back over the wall. Shoes pulled on and the sprint to the cars, laughing, cackling with excitement and fear, we raced through the dark night to the lighted parking lot.

Barney would have further to run the length of the building, across the front, to the parking lot, his flashlight appeared around the corner as we slammed our doors shut. Keys turning and engines igniting and slamming into gear, and we're off, rat racing the length of the parking lot.
Out onto the empty streets, no tail lights behind us, and the first turn into a residential community and then out the other side into the empty city streets. Pulling up to the first stop light, our windows opening, and our laughter and whoops of excited relief could be heard above of idling escape vehicles.

"B" says see you later and he and his partner wave and drive off into the night!
Shea looks at me and says, "My parents are out of town for the weekend, Smiling, she rolls up her window and leads me into the night!!

So how about YOU, it is that time of the year, the water is waiting, care to take the chance, and take a dip on the wild side??!!!!

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