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10/22/2005 10:49 am

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The image of you, standing in the hall, backlit with intense bright light, the thin, white summer dress transparent in the light.

Your smile is glowing, eyes full of moisture, you step in, and move closer to me, my desk, and push the door closed behind you.

Looking up into your eyes, I feel your hand on my upper arm, pulling me up to my feet. Rising slowly, I gently run my hand up the outside of your arm, our eyes meet and your fresh scent fills my nostrils.

Frozen in the moment, our eyes communicate the feelings we have not shared with each other. Your breathing echoes in my ears, haunting and teasing me. Why did this moment come so late, too late?

I move my hand to your neck, you lean against me, your forehead on my chest, and wrap your arm around my waist, holding me to you. I press my lips to your head, and revel in the scent of your hair.

You brush your face back and forth on my chest, moaning soft and low, your fingers glide up my back and your fingernails slowly rake upwards to my shoulders and then slower, back down to my waist.

You ease up on to your toes and kiss the side of my neck, pulling my hips to yours. I trace my hands down your back, the light material is no barrier to the heat of your skin. Your body shivers as my hands cup your ass, I pull your ass to me, you raise a knee to my side, wrap a foot around my legs and pull tightly.

Our lips near, I taste your breath, slowly our lips touch only to be interrupted by a banging on the door!!

It is time for you to go, your moving, leaving, and this is our parting moment, a remembrance, a haunting memory of ..............LOST DESIRE.

caressmewell 54F

10/22/2005 2:17 pm

Beautiful yet with a sad ending.

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