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I long for the sight of You, you come to me in flashes, cascading through my mind, instantly you are all that I see. A warm sense of calm overcomes me, a smile traces over my lips, and you are standing here before me, I am captivated by you.

I realize that your scent is teasing me, my nostrils flare wanting more of your haunting scent to flow over me. You smile at my attempt to capture the elusiveness of you. You are a silhouette in your own glow, your face is bright with an overwhelming erotic sheen.

A Sexy, alluring smile crosses your lips, and I trace my tongue on my lips, wanting to re-create the feeling and taste of you. I can almost taste a hint of you, it is fleeting, and I yearn for you even more.
I rise from where I have been sitting, and walk, slowly to where you stood, moments before in my mind. I am teased with yet another hint of your scent, I stand, with my hand outstretched where your shoulder would be. I trace your shoulder, up to your lovely neck, trying to imagine cradling you in my hand, strands of your golden hair in my fingers. Wanting to lean down and kiss you, the feel of your silky hair, and your breath mixes with mine.

Leaning to the wall, I look down the empty hallway and imagine you are right before me, your shirt slightly open, your breast, barely exposed to my eyes, what a lovely sight you are, touching you at your hip, gently, urging you to press the wonderful form of your body, to mine. You lean to me, and kiss my collarbone, trace your tongue up the edge of my neck and nibble on my ear, pressing yourself to me. Heavenly.

My arms cradle your waist and want to lift you up against me, but there is nothing but air in my grasp. My body goes limp, and my eyes close as you slip from me once again. My eyes open, with a tear building in them, movement flashes across the partially open door, are you in the bedroom?

I find myself at the door, carefully pushing the door partially open, hoping that this is real, wanting you, to be near, my hand begins to tremble as I open the door and I sneak my body through, brushing against the door frame, not wanting you to escape again.

You lay half covered by the comforter, your shirt unbuttoned, but covering your naked body, So real, so alluring, lying there, one hand beckons me to walk closer, as I take my first halting step, you turn your body and move invitingly onto you side, making room for me next to you. You pull your shirt to cover yourself in such a modest manner, a blush comes over your face, you are so beautiful, I stop to appreciate the sight of you.

You pat the bed next to you, and cock your head to the side, and brush your hair back across the pillow, Oh What a Sight to Behold!

I move to the edge of the bed, your hand touches my thigh, and then wraps around it, gently urging me into bed. I lean forward to ease down beside you, reach my hand out to touch you. And you have left me again.

I wander through my home, Chasing the memories I long to create with you!

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3/11/2006 3:35 pm

do you want to share a sandwich with me and tell me all about it

I'm a

i'm here to stay

mygmyg 60M

3/11/2006 10:04 pm

PAPY, your buttering me up...........

And I am lQQking so forward to ..........

Breakin some of the forbidden ........

B R E A D WITH cheese and wine,

the view, B R E A T H T A K IN G

Un ? ably !!!!

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