Does The Learning Ever Stop !!!!  

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7/11/2006 11:16 am

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Does The Learning Ever Stop !!!!

My MIND has been DIVERTED with the last 3 classes of my College Career, and the only thing that I would have blogged about during the Hiatus, would have been.....

I need Sex !! As an Elixir, A wonderful Diversion, The wonderful soaring feeling that results from the Consummation!! The weightless, Mind Diverted Flashes of Womanly Flesh!!
the staggering Scent of a Lady, her hair, her perfume, and her SEX!! The lingering Tastes that haunt and propel you through the day!! OKAY, so you get it,.... but I DIDN'T!!

Last group Presentation on wednesday, the 6th,
Took my FINAL Exam on thursday the 7th, Financial Markets and Institutions( another math class, disguised as a finance class, Formula Heaven for the math inclined, of which I am not a member!!) at the South Dallas Campus, 100 mile round trip drive, twice a week, at 6:00 p.m.
I would leave denton at 3:30 to avoid the bulk of traffic, and it still took 70 minutes( on a good day) to make the 50 mile drive in the afternoon!!
I live 3 miles from the ACTUAL Main Campus!! But the Univ. is expanding and sees fit to schedule particular required classes at the South campus, to establish "the need" for the south campus to meet state enrollment number guidelines!! for funding!!
Pre-Alumni fund drive!! those Administrators are so smart!!

Anyway, the final GRADES finally were posted today!! And I cleared the Final Hurdle, I am Now a Colege Graduate!! (pending an investigation of the entire higher education system)

appreciate all the encouraging words along the way from all of you here in Blogville, and a Special THANKS, to frogger, who took time out of her day to send me "How/where to research Info" for the group presentation project research when I was Roadblocked!! Always Ask the Knowledgeable!! PRE SHE 8 U !!

So now I have to fill out the Mountain of Paperwork for FEDERAL GRANT/FUNDING that is available to all Americans, government funded SEX SEARCH!!
Probably need atleast 2 years of funding to accomplish this, but not having to deal with going to classes will enable a narrower focus on my part!! which is why I went with "Just 2 Years" , yes this is rather optimistic, but the new confidence I now possess as a College Boy, surely (Shirley) will "Flesh Out" atleast 2 of the normal 4 years that is required!

Plus having completed my college degree in "just' 31 years after graduating high school( okay, I changed my degree plan once) I feel I am on an ACCELERATED(not excelerated, college boy) path, so I am easing up to You rather quickly!! Open those arms and lets Enjoy!!

I am still on the learning path, Hungry for all that you would care to share and bestow!! (Riiiight)

papyrina 52F
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7/14/2006 5:41 am

concratulations well done,
now relax and find some sex lol

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