still more about my thoughts  

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11/16/2005 3:36 pm

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still more about my thoughts

I have taught myself about masturbation. I enjoy being able to cum when I desire a sexual release. It is not as good as a good man, but it does knock off the edge when I am horny. My fingers have not failed me. One hand fills my vagina while the other strokes my clit. I continue to find my hands satisfy my urges and my desires,
I am learning ways to make a man last longer ‒for my own needs ‒ None seem to last long enough! It can take me almost 20 minutes to cum when I masturbate, so I find a man spent in under 10. I wondered how to enjoy an orgasm faster.
I want to learn more about men and sex! I love when a man lusts for me, grabs for me and fondles me!
I did not understand what a woman could teach me about myself until I came close to a threesome with the my roomate. As a bisexual woman, she knew both sides ‒ getting a stiff cock and giving a warm tongue! Making love to the clit of another woman - being the penetration device for seems interesting. Understanding that her fingers knew what a woman wanted was plastered in my mind. How would I participate? What a turn on thinking about the episode!
My breasts are very sensitive. I can excite myself with a caress and a squeeze. My nipples are very much a part of my sexuality. I have learned how to make excite myself by stroking and pinching them. They are a part of my sexual being. I begin to lubricate my vagina with such play. It is the precursor to sex for me! I want a man to make love to my breasts - and know what my nipples enjoy...
I have learned that I do not drift away after sex ‒ I keep at my sex until my partner is satisfied and learning how to insure I am as well. Sex excites me and does not have the same effect as it has on the men I have had. I have not had many women yet, but found the experience as uncharted as encounters with men during early sex. I love it when they lust for me too! The grasping and groping is different ‒ more thought out and practiced.

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11/23/2005 12:41 am

I think one advantage of a relationship with one guy to you would be you could get him to last the twenty minutes for your orgasm. You could have the guy go down on you for awhile then have vaginal sex when you're further along to your orgasm or you could masturbate before too; that really turns on most guys. I can't think of a way to speed up your orgasm except maybe a vibrator.

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