fun evening  

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6/30/2006 1:54 pm
fun evening

Yesterday after work I went out with a guy to a golf course and hit some golf balls.
We had fun enough, so we went to dinner.
During the golf afternoon, I noticed him looking down my top whenever I would bend over to set up another ball.
Of course, knowing this, I made sure to bend over whenever he was looking!
It was fun to watch his erection develop slowly. Nothing like trying to participate in a sport with a hard on I guess!

Anyway, as he took me to a nice place for dinner, I thought it best to offer him a visual treat across the table.
I dressed nicely and once at his new favorite place, with a fancy blouse that buttoned up the front. I made sure to keep the minimum buttons closed to keep his attention on my breasts.I excused myself to the ladies room and removed my bra. I pinched my nipples up to get the real hard and then returned to the table. With my nipples poking against the white material and my cleavage now very much exposed, he had trouble enjoying his dinner or any of the conversation.

These are just my breasts, I thought!
Yet they seem to keep him interested in me!

It was a fun evening as we just finished our dinner and drinks and I asked him to take me home.
I was tired from the golf and had work to to this morning.

Oh well!

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