evening discussion leads to???  

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7/13/2006 8:26 am
evening discussion leads to???

Last evening I went out to a pub for a bite and an ale.
I sat by myself and looked across the room to see a beautiful man - sitting with an older gentleman. The older man had his back to me and the younger one seemed to be looking my way for the evening.
I had dressed in a light skirt and loose top that would reveal my assets.
Both men were very well dressed for the region and exuded a confident air about themselves. It might have been a son and father, maybe a gentleman and his nephew. I ate my supper and enjoyed a light ale or two.
Music was playing at the pub with an outdoor patio housing what I assumed to be a local band. As the older gentleman got up and excused himself to the lav, the younger one caught my eye and mouthed the words - ciao. He was dark and tall and from the south. Over the music we could not talk so I invited him to my table for a converstation. When the older gentleman returned, I too invited him to join us.

It turns out that the older man was the father of the younger man. Both very attractive and showed me respect as a lady. I was enchanted by them and as they excused themselves, the younger man slipped a key into my lap! Very discrete, very charming and very forward!

I took him up on his invitation later that night and found that he had invited me to a three somew with his father!

I am tired this morning and will tell the tale in a day or two but am on the way for a play day with them now!

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