What's next on the list of experiments?  

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4/25/2006 7:47 am
What's next on the list of experiments?

So my friends left and went home after 10 days of sharing my bed and my humble flat.
We tumbled across our wonderful countryside, from north to south. We slept in the rain, walked in the snow and rubbed our bodies together from top to bottom. (and bottoms were part of the feast!)

I then headed out to another girlfriend's place for a weekend party. The invitation offered a place to sleep - slumber party style. We had quite a few women - sharing stories of sexual conquests and adventures. I was able to share my recent tales of my friends.

One of the party girls began to share her times with other women, much to the "surprise" of our hostess. My friend has always been a bit anxious about having a relationship with another woman as she has a near phobia about the homosexual portion of that part of sexuality.
As the evening wore on, and the liquor flowed, I began to see her inhibitions lowering, and one of the ladies begin to touch my friend in ways that were known to her - but only from a man. A few kisses later and clothes were flying off everyone!

This would be considered a very different slumber party for me to have attended. It was more like a group grope for women!

A new adventure to report!
WOW what fun!

I woke to a bit of a hangover however!
I am sure my friend was also a bit sore!

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