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Weekends past

Weekends in my past often brought some new sights or sounds ‒ new people or new experiences. Parties at our flat were a big deal ‒ fun ‒ excitement and sex in the air every time we threw an event. I could choose to participate at any level ‒ so I could be a hostess, a partier, a witness or an active participant.

Then there was the sun. We loved the sun! So often we headed for the beach ‒ it was just the best way to get out of town ‒ without spending much money. We would head out and just group together.
Sometimes it was to a local town for drinking and clubs ‒ other times to the shoreside. We were just friends enjoying our young lives. Our sexuality was a part of that ‒ so I began to enjoy my lusty nature with other people. Drinking with friends became such a regular thing to do, that I found myself becoming a social person for the first time. Parties were always a great way to let go!

Birthdays were always special reasons to party and they became our special celebrations. We found reasons to enjoy life ‒ at every chance we took the road to fun. I found myself becoming more involved in the physical aspects of life ‒ less involved what I saw as my cerebral past.

One weekend there was another birthday; so we all went down to spend a couple days at the beach. This time, a recent lover came along, so things got off to a quick start. I remembered thinking that I wanted to know him better ‒after our quick one night of sex during the barbecue party, I thought it to be a foregone conclusion that I would not see much of him again.

Then he agreed to come to the beach weekend with me. Things sometimes were not turning out so bad, after all. This was one man that did interest me.

That weekend, I could count on having sex with a man of my choosing instead of being on the hunt for some fulfilment. It was easy to start the weekend knowing that I would enjoy myself ‒ and knowing whose cock I would enjoy that night. I was full of anticipation during the drive down and my flatmates all knew. I transmitted my excitement so they could all enjoy it!

Our social weekends were very communal. Lots of sharing and nakedness - the nice, clean, "we're all God's children" kind of nakedness. Sun, drink and friends made the sensual pleasure come so easy!

I knew I was becoming more comfortable with my own body ‒ my sexual awakening was a part of that. I enjoyed being able to shed my clothes ‒ my inhibitions and my fears. But it occurred to me how refreshing and restful it is to feel so at home with the gang. We were more than a family. We became a group that had little to judge about each other. I realized it was because we had little to invest in each other. We were all moving on to another part of our lives.

It must have been the people that made such an impact on me. As I look back on that year, I realize that all my choices were involving people and relationships. I opened myself to many new experiences ‒ casual sex became a means of satisfying my own urges of course, but my relationships grew in a depth that I had not experienced before. In retrospect, it might have been because I shared so much of my own sexuality with my friends ‒ or that they knew so much more about me than any of my other roommates and work associates. I had never had sex with a roommate before ‒ or with a fellow worker ‒ and then I did both in one place during one time.

I almost felt like I was a student at university again. Except that then it was always Monday again, there I was at work. One other difference: there was no snow skiing where we were. I admit I did not have quite this kind of life at university! Now that I have been more active, I wish I did! I thought back to the time I had those chances to sleep with men that wanted sex. I just would not let them be the one to take my virginity. I am glad I took the path of my life. I have no regrets. I have looked forward to the next experience ‒ as life is a set of new experiences ‒ ready to be integrated into the quilt of my life. I even describe this part of life as a series of dares. I seem always willing to take the dare - to make the risky decision - to experience the part of life that many consider outside the lines.

I think I will head to the beach tomorrow with some friends!

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