They came - me too!  

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4/10/2006 8:15 am
They came - me too!

My old friends did come to town. They agreed to use my place as their base of operations, so we got off to a fun weekend together. I spent time with them, getting reacquainted, as we had not seen each other for a year or so.
They are still very much the same.
He is all smiles and easy going. Hard to imagine that such a studious man could be so easy going in life.
She is a bit of a task master, yet fun to be around. It is difficult to describe how I am attracted to her, but I always have been.

While we shared a flat, we adventured a bit together, but never consummated anything.

We changed the rules this past weekend and it looks like I will have a week of fun with both of them!

Some drinks seem to loosen us all a bit and as the togetherness seemed to grow, my flat seemed to warm up. We stayed up all night together - talking, drinking and then agreeing to a quick dip and shower together.

Off came our clothes and into the water, then out to the shower and we were laughing, touching and full of tongues and lips and skin and smells.

A great weekend to start off a great week.
We will leave to see the sights together and should enjoy ourselves.

I did get my urges satisfied so I am ready for more!

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