things im interested in and things im not (added stuff)  

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1/29/2006 1:32 am

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things im interested in and things im not (added stuff)

Just in case someone IS interested here's the list, not in any order:

*recently discovered I like bowling

*im an artist, (graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture, hand building with clay, painting, drawing) so most art i enjoy and appreciate in one way or another, love museums, cultural events, festivals...

*music (hip hop to bagpipes) not into country music

*nature: camping, hiking, mushroom hunting, identifying, and photographing them, boating, fishing, never been on a jet ski but would love to try, sailing only been 2x, but would love to more

*good conversation and company

*funny movies and chic flicks (no violent crap)

*playing cards, games with a group of fun ppl

*not done it in years, but when i lived in VA i loved going to the shooting range, outdoor mostly cause we could shoot rifles there. An X was in the navy and taught me how to shoot, i ended up better than him LOL, LOVE a Glock 9mm!

*walking around/exploring small touristy towns with shops

*wrestling, tickling with a sexy man

*Beaver Dam in the summertime, floating on my purple noodle out in the middle is just heaven!

*the beach! anytime of year, i love finding shells they are little treasures carried to me by the waves, the smell of the sea, mist on my face, feeling the pound of the waves in my chest and under my feet is pure exhilaration!

*going to places like the Zoo, the Harbor...

*cook-outs and family gatherings in the summertime


*not into sports, however ive enjoyed going to baseball games a lot, like watching some Olympics (skiing, luge, gymnastics, diving, skating) liked lacrosse in jr high

*roller skating, Rollerblading

*never done these things but one day i will: scuba dive, horseback riding, windsurf, jet ski, maybe water ski, maybe hang gliding on a short hill LOL, ski,

*love animals, would talk real sweet to pet a wild grizzly bear! I swear i think id try it unless he came at me with fangs showing and salivating like he wanted to eat me for his main course... now if a man did that! i just might fall in love! ROTFLMFAO!

*adore children! the way their innocent minds work, seeing them learn and form personalities is one of the rarest and most beautiful treasures of this god forsaken world.


*SLEEP! I love sleep! when i can, i love nighttime, the way the world slows down, quiet and peaceful...

*interested in finding a regular partner to explore light bondage, and role play scenrios MUST get to know the person first before getting into all that, and have detailed conversations about these things in order for them to come to fruition

ErosHunger 48M

1/30/2006 8:46 pm

Well, I'm too far away, but what the hell. Let's drum up business for a beautiful woman's blog:

I tolerate bowling. I enjoy it for teh company if it's good.

*I was a profesional artist for several years, though now I have a drastically different career. I still enjoy sketching, photography, and dabbling in photoshop.

*My musical tastes are all over the place, though I don't like , heavy metal, or country...though some of it has grownon me a teensy bit now that I work with horses. Maybe I was just kicked in the head too many times.

*I LOVE nature. I love hiking. I spend most of my days outdoors, even in the winter. Only been camping once, but it was fun. HATE fishing...can't stand to harm living things.

*I love a good conversation.

*I love good comedy, don't like most chick flix, and on the subject of "violent crap" I don't have an easy answer. I do like a good horror film...something with depth, but I don'tlike pointless violence and mayhem. It has to be essential to the story and character development. I'm big on fantasy films, and they tend to have lots of violence. I don't like "gore" though as a teenager I was okay with it.

*Never got into card games. I just don't get it.

*Not into guns at all. The idea of a device that exists just to kill or injure just goes against my nature.

*walking around/exploring small touristy towns with shops. Yes, this is always fun.

*wrestling, tickling with a sexy woman. That would be great. My wife is such a party-pooper. No fun at all.

**the beach! The beachis always relaxing and full of beauty. The sound of the surf can't help but put one's mind at ease.

*I have mixed feelings about zoos. some are great and the animals seem well cared for an happy...but when I see animals in cramped, unnatural conditions I get depressed and angry.

*Cook-outs are fun. I'm a vegetarian, and most folks are surprised to see me at the BBQ, but there's lots of stuff I can grill. Mmmm.

*I love to read! Currently I'm reading F Paul Wilson's latest novel. I'm a bit of a horror junkie, if it's done well.

*I'm not into sports at all myself. Don't watch them, though I'm not opposed to playing if the group is freindly and just there to have fun.

*I LOVE roller-blading!!! I miss it. I used to do it every day for years. Now even if I have the time I'm not allowed to enjoy it unless I sneak out and go alone. My wife is VERY out of shape and can't keep up with me...

*I would love to scuba dive one day as well, and I'd love to sky dive too! i work withhorses but I have never ridden ine, which is pretty funny. I never went hang gliding, but I did go parasailing once, teasr ago. It was a blast! I also rode a jetski once and had a great time.

*I don't know about bears...but I adore animals. I work with many different species.

*I love children, my son being the one that has the greatest hold on my heart of course.

*HOLY SHIT! IT'S 11:44pm! I have to work in the morning

*SLEEP! I love sleep too! I never get enough since if I want privacy i have to stay awake after everyone else is in bed. I used to be a night owl, but my schedule has forced me to struggle with being a morning person.

*VERY light bondage might interest me. I'm not into torture or doing anything mean or frightening. I do like the idea of being helpless, or pretending to make my lover be helpless, for thrilling teasing, and sexual play.

I hope you find what you seek! The male to female ratio here is something like 9 to 1 I'm told. The odds are in your favor if you weed through the phonies.

myfeverishdesire 51F

1/31/2006 1:01 pm

WOW, now thats what im talkin about! I LOVE it!

Drum up business!? Business is to make money, im not lookin for money! LOL

Havn't bowled since i was a child, went with a guy i met off of here, and my best friend/her hubby, we had a BLAST!

I wana be a professional artist when i grow up! one class left! This is SO cool we have this in common.

again with nature! i dont see any harm in catching fish if your gonna eat them, but i do hate when ppl just (or have to due to size) throw them back... the poor fishy got hurt for nothing, unless he got the worm, then MAYBE it was worth it to him, i guess depends on how hungry he was... lol, or isnt that funny?

when i used to shoot, i removed that from my mind, i was shooting at a paper target, now i did imagine skitso (an x boyfriend) there at times, could i really shoot a human being,well probably not, unless my life or someone i love was beinig harmed and thats the only way i could protect them, id aim for a leg, arm, something that wouldnt kill em tho, let their slimy ass rott in jail, im not god, and couldnt take a life. altho there are lots of things that were not invented to kill/hurt someone that are used as such every day... something as simple as a baseball bat could kill someone...

kick that party pooper in tha patootie! hold her ass down and tickle her till she literaly pees herself! DO IT DO IT! Wake her ass up man! if i knew u guys personaly, and ur 1/2 the man u appear to be, id have to shake her silly!

i have often been deeply saddened by animals caged, petstores (reallly neglected!) and zoos, n such, once at a carnival some fucking moron tried to feed a giraffe a lit cigarette butt, i fliped out on him! to say the least. it was in such a tiny pen, it made me want to cry... i wanted to release him sooo bad, but knew hed only get hurt.

life is too real for me to enjoy any horror movies


PLEASE explain to me!!!!!!, "I'm not allowed" to rollerblade
I wont rag on you too bad, I know people change, we get comfortable, accept things that we dont want to... bla bla bla... been there done that and it FUCKING SUCKS! Ive made a sincere promis to myself, never to do that again, your never happy when u let someone rule you like that -----stepping off my box----- for now.

i admire u for staying in an unhappy marriage for ur son... at least thats what im assuming ur doing there n being so misserable

DITTO on the VERY light bondage thing!

yea weeding is quiet the chore! can be entertaing at times, although frustrating too

than u so much for responding to this, its been fun!


ErosHunger 48M

1/31/2006 5:34 pm

Well the rollerblading thing sounds silly. But honestly my wife watches my every move, like I'm not allowed out of her sight on my time off. I know it's part of her disorder but it drives me crazy because she has the absolute need to be the center of attention at all times. Everything I do MUST be about her. It's one of the things that has driven me away from her. Anyway, on the rare chance that we do go blading, she gets really frantic and angry if I get too far ahead of her...which I can't help but do as she is as slow as mollases. When I blade I enjoy the sensation of landlocked flight, gliding on my wheeled feet with the wind rushing through my hair, massaging my face, tugging at my clothes.

There's no thrill to be had going at a crawl so slow that I nearly lose balance and fall over, or hearing a madwoman have another breakdown in the background. It's also humiliating. I just don't bother to try going anymore. The worst part is I still care for her, so I feel a sense of guilt with my resentment. It really is as if I'm on a leash, or a choke chain, but the one holding the leash is the one that needs to be controlled.

And yes, if it weren't for my son I doubt very highly that I would have the nerve to go on with this marriage. But, I also have a feeling of responsibility toward my wife. I just can't imagine her being able to function on her own anymore. I can't stop loving her for having a disorder. I'm just not attracted to her anymore, and I need my space. It's just as well as sex seems an alien concept to her now, or at least something that she has a bare awkward level of tolerance for on the rare occasion. The worst of it is is that she would have sex if I approached her. It would just be something she would force herself through in order to please me. Who needs that? It's not only a turn off, it hurts. It doesn't matter if she's the one that's sick.

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