on my soap box  

myfeverishdesire 51F
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3/24/2006 7:04 am

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3/31/2006 6:32 am

on my soap box

Hi Everyone

ok, im going to write a lot, so screw punctuation lol

ive been on AdultFriendFinder now for a little over 3 months (seems A LOT longer) and im a little surprised that there are as many fakes, and games going on here as there are on the so called dating sites.

its actually quite disappointing

i mean if u can fuck a stranger, u should be able to talk to them 1st right?

ive gotten the impression that many couples here dont like questions, to be asked or to ask questions about boundaries before meeting...

which leads me to believe that perhaps too many people are quickly willing to just fuck any ole body! i know not everyone here but a large sampling of people so far in MY experieince.
maybe the fact that i DO have questions and want to be asked, makes me a poor cantidate for this stuff... or so it seems sometimes.

orrrr maybe the people that arent interested in talking about stuff 1st, are just open to ANYTHING.... hmmmm a lot of profiles do say that, HOWEVER wouldnt they be interested in knowing IF the other person/couple was into everything/anything as well, BEFORE wasting anyones time....?????

and another thing that ROYALLLLLY irks the shit outa me

do they think at all!? or? "wow look at that photo! gotta get that! nothing else matters!"

For instance a couple responded to my personal profile, not the couple one with my sweetie. The fact that they ASS-UMED I was a single looking for stuff on my own, is SCREAMINGLY CLEAR (to me) that they didnt read a freakin word of my profile. And uhhh YEA that gives me an attitude! sorry folks if that makes me a bitch. To me that's the difference between KNOWING what you want and KNOWING what u dont want.... PERIOD..... HOW can u know if thats what u want if your not informed? how do u get informed if u dont read, and ask questions!?????

and to make it even more annoying these people responded to us AFTER i invited them to OUR (2redsrbetrthan1) network, AND THEY ACCEPTED, full well knowing that i am part of a couple, and went even further. THEN they ask me how come i have 2 profiles, and question my level of experience, when ive told them theres only been one, then procede to tell me that the problem is, that they thought it was JUST me.... OK so WHY did u contact me after the invite that said who i was???? and that i was part of a couple....?????? makes absolutly NO sense to me. Kids playing? Some guy posin, inteligence challanged? LOL all THREE!??? ROTFLMFAO!

does full swinging make one so shallow and non-picky to the point they will screw anyone based on a photo!? MY god i hope not! I'm NOT doggin everyone in this lifestyle, maybe ive just had interactions with people that dont know what the hell their doing, who knows!

if there are some true, real, honest people out there that are into this lifestle, PLEASE set me straight! Let me in on the typical protocal.... my initial outlook on people in this lifestyle was that they must be extremely open, honest, respectful, and communicative... although ive seen verrrry little to SHOW me that thus far on this site. Do the experienced people not talk to newbies like me/us? Are there clicks like in highschool? LOL Fill me in guys n gals!

ok by now im sure there are people thinking, "DAMN SHES WORKED UP, or PISSED OFF"

nope, just me airing my opinion, sure its direct, thats me, sure its even brutaly honest, again just the way i am, i hold few punches, although that doesnt mean im a fighter, im much more of a lover no guessing games with me

would LOVE some feedback!


dankos2069 57M

3/24/2006 8:05 am

the near anonymity of life in AdultFriendFinder provides a way to "get back" at people, snipe at them from another profile, they can live out and act on their little insecurities that you cant in real life when you get rejected or put off. That is why weird shit goes on here. I dont know enough to set you straight, and Im not a fighter either, but the passive aggressives abound on AdultFriendFinder and are on the prowl. I dont like it and I am slowly backing out of here. I used to be a majore poster on Raging Bull until they sold out. Many of the same tricks are used in AdultFriendFinder.

My expectations of this site are changing all the time. And not in a positive way

Hey MFD???........have a good day.

myfeverishdesire 51F

3/26/2006 6:34 am

dankos2069-its tough to be open to this stuff when it seems most people on here lie, even the ones that claim to be open and honest.

MFD- my feverish desire - my profile name

hope u had a great weekend!


dankos2069 57M

3/28/2006 6:09 am

mfd, hey I just checked your profile. Wow, not quite Reubenesque imo, but definitely beautiful.

good luck to you.

rm_hardtarget00 56M
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3/28/2006 9:19 am

\MFD- Take from someone who has been in Corrections and Law Enforcement, most people lie. Yes even me. Why? Because we hope not to "get caught" or we believe if we deny things we can not be held responsible. Lying and exageration are part of life. But, I have learned that most people need a little bit of time to figure out who tells the truth and who is blowing smoke! Listen, I do not sit here and claim to be a know it all. Far from it! I have spend a great deal of my life watching and learning from people who lie constantly. Some of us "regular" subscribers can not read profiles so idiots just assume you are searching on your own. Asking questions as you do will weed out the liers and cheats. People that have nothing to hide will stand out. Do not give up. Stick to your intuition and never change! LOVE Ya!

LicIWill 54M
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3/30/2006 10:45 pm

Well well Mon Ch....

Started to delve into your profile, and came across this wonderful entry of yours As you stated, and are realizing more and more as time goes by, that this site is not different than any of the others. There is a difference between those that "live" the lifestyle and those that just wanna fuck. You are thinking along the right track. Too many believe they have to lie, or have too many secrets. Those are the type that you DO NOT want to have anything to do with. I don't have to tell you that, you already know that. I agree.....there seem to be many "sleazy" types on here that are more worried about getting laid than getting to know those that they wish to lay. THOSE definitely would be at the top of the list NOT to get together with. With society the way it is today, and the diseases out there, you would think that these people would be more carefull and understanding of other's concerns. And of course you are always going to have to deal with those that don't ready and think that they are going to be able to get you alone. We know what the best thing is to do with them........DELETE. I know there is plenty more that you wrote above, but my soap box isn't that big right now. Maybe I will write more at another time

myfeverishdesire 51F

3/31/2006 6:32 am

DANKOS- "not quite Reubenesque imo" uhhhh huuuuu im NO barbie! LOL, well maybe my waist isnt small enough to be truly reubenesque he he he, but thank u for the sweet compliment! and reading my blog

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