She giggled as we kissed PART 1  

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2/15/2006 7:06 am

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She giggled as we kissed PART 1

My lover brushes my long red hair aside to expose my neck, then bites me hard, sending shockwaves through my body and down to my throbbing pussy. Holding my hair in place he invites her to taste my neck. The words "a woman is kissing my neck!"
reverberates through my mind, as my body relaxes and enjoys her soft touch.

Her slender hands in my hair, so gentle and soft felt delicious. I stood to kiss her, to feel our bodies pressed together. Such soft gentle lips, pressing, exploring my own. My 1st kiss was sweet and sensual with a beautiful woman. She giggled as we kissed lightly, then deeper each feeling the growing excitment of what was to come.

Her husband moved behind her and raises her sweatshirt, exposing two beautiful breasts just begging for my touch. My hands ached to feel them, feel her warm soft skin. I knew he was teasing me with her tits in his hands, although I waited a moment and enjoyed watching him play. After a few moments I reached out and said, "My turn, or I'm stealing her away" something like that... such a whirlwind was that snowy night!

Here she was before me... to explore and please. Beautiful and smiling in anticipation. "My god! this is reallly happening!" I thought. No doubt I couldn't stop smiling between the passionate expressions on my face. I hold her breasts on the sides, squeezing them together, nipples pointing toward my mouth, lowering my tongue to sample the sweet pinkish brown nipples erect for my mouth to taste.

We stood there kissing, holding each other closely, breasts pressed to breasts, rubbing each other's back, and waist, feeling our bodies so close, things were warming up FAST!

Someone said, "Lets take this in the other room."

Before I knew it, we stood before a king size bed, in a high celinged room, and she was undressing me. I must have floated down that hallway, because I don't remember actually walking down the hall to their bedroom. We stood there totaly nude, kissing with a hunger that sent my senses realing.

Her silky soft, petite body backed me up against the bed, as I lowerd myself, she found her way between my wanting thighs, and right to what she wanted.

My body squirmed with delight knowing my all time fantasy was now becoming a reality, while my lover and her husband watched me turn to putty in her hands.

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