Well, Get's Better - The Next Installment - Glory Holes  

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7/23/2005 9:57 pm

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Well, Get's Better - The Next Installment - Glory Holes

Well from the time of that trip with Larry to the time that I graduated from high school, my sex life was really pretty hot. I would either suck, fuck or suck and fuck Larry once week at least. I took another trip with him, 7 days this time between my junior and senior year. I and I pretty much tried to fuck every young lady who was brave enough to date me. (I proudly can tell you Iwas a bit more successful than the average hgh school jock)

With graduation however came what I call the long cum filled summer. As I was working in Syracuse the summr after graduation to save up some money for college and for dating the small circle of girls i was fond of. But downtown Syracuse New York had some great lunch time attractions at the time. Book stores.

Each day during my 1-1/2 hour lunch break, I would get some quarters together and pop into the peep shows that these book stores all had. Fret not, I didn't waste money, I never dropped more than 50 cents before a fresh cock would pop through the plywood walls. Damn it used to fire me up, some days I might suck three or four before returning to work. And then i would have this massive hardon for the rest of the afternoon, that had to be satisfied by some poor young lady, the pronlem was as I was quickly learning, that women, especially young ones really don't know how to guive a good blow job as a rule. (Hint for you straight guys, You haven't been sucked until you've been sucked by a man, and that doesn't make you gay)

Anyway, it wasn't long before at least one or two evenings I would remain in the city after work and hang out at the bookstores. One in particular had a large parking lot across the street that always seemed to have a car or two with a 30 -50 year old looking for a young stud.(Hmm)

Now some of these guys offered money, but hey I wanted sex. Most of these guys were married men looking for some side stuff. Many were just get in the car and drop their zipper types, some would spring for a hotel room and get totally naked. Some just wanted to cum in my face, some wanted fucking. As you maybe quessing, I was soon spending all of my time in the city and getting a lot of sex. (Remember, these were pre AIDS days)

One thing did start to become a common thing though, these usually annominous guys could care less about me for the most part, I was a piece of meat and I liked it. It would play a big part later on in life, As now older, wiser and more selective, I crave a Staright guy who wants to just get a blow job, or a very masculine Bi Guy who makes a good top and has no interest in being a bottom.

It is kind of funny, I am masculine guy, really. But get me alone with a horny man and I become one of the bigeest sluts you will find. These guys would bark out orders that by day would get them a fist in the mouth, but b night and under the sheets would get them a submissive boy toy.

Tommorrow, I'll talk about my college days, my refocus on women, and my college experience with group sex, aah to relive the early seventies. But for now I relish on that hot summer, I felt a power that I can never explain to anyone when I would please a man, remeber most of them were older, I was an 18 year old male slut and ddamn if I didn't enjoy it. That craving to please men sexually never left me, even in the years when I walked away from my BiSexuality.

Men Make Me Horney!

rm_crys91todd 51M/51F

11/25/2005 12:56 pm

you have captured the essence of gloryholing completely. bravo!

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