How It Started  

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7/23/2005 3:44 pm

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How It Started

I received and gave my first Blow Job in Junior High with a well hung, already hard core gay red head named Larry. No swallowing, just sucking, mutual masterbation and some necking. It was a grat summer and I really got off, several times. But damn I still loved those young girls.

Well my father got transfered from Buffalo to Syracuse and it all ended, New school, new girls and lot's of fun. As I turned sixteen, a guy down the road was an over the road trucker, and one summer asked my parents if they minded if I went on a four day trip just for the experience. I had known the guy quite awjile, so did my parents so they said why not?

We left that Monday at 6 Am, it was a cool trip, it got a little hot though around Clevland that evening after Larry (Ironic isn't it) picked up his load, and we parked along I-90 for the night. If you have ever slept in th cab of a truck, you will know what I am about to say. Within 5 minutes of laying down, Larry's leg was rubbing against mine and I got feelings that took me back three years earlier to the other Larry. Now, This Larry might have thought he was simply going to pick up another load,, instead, I tore off my close with a vengence, grabbed his skivvies dropped them down and wrapped my lips at the largest Cock that I have seen too this day.

I have no Idea what came over me, I just sucked and sucked like there was no tommorrow. My reward was my first throat full of hot, wonderful cum that excited me more than I had ever been excited before. Think back you cocksuckers to your first heavy load, I was chocking, cum was dripping from my lips, man I was loosing control. Larry, experienced as he was, just shoved my head down until he was done shooting, seemed like an hour.

Afterwards he licked the drops that spilled over on to my face and kissed his way down to get my load. That was 30 seconds later of course.

The next night as Larry sucked on and nibbled my nipples and kissed me with a firey tonque, that mamouth memeber somehow got shoved into my very tight ass. That's right, my first time getting fucked, and believe me I got fucked hard.

The next two nights, more of the same, seemed like that guy could fuck all night, by the time I got home I could barely walk.

Ok two important revealations, I was definately Bi, and I enjoyed being treated as a peice of meat. But the best result was a week later when I had the occassin to be alone with a young lady, I became pasionate, The entire time I fucked her, I dreamt I was the one getting fucked. To this day my best sex with a woman, Including my wife, always followed some Strai8 fucking me or shoving his member down my throat.

These have been memories of pure pleasure, as I continue in the future, I will write about many such experiences and maybe some current ones, if anyone reading enjoys them fine, if not, well it's my blog and I feel the need to write all this stuff somewhere, Either way, I hope anyone reading enjoys these the accounts, they certainly make me HOT

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