Fear and Submission are Powerful  

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Fear and Submission are Powerful

I know that I said yesterday that my next post would focus on my college days, but I have one memory of the long cum filled summer that I wanted to share first. As I mentioned yesterday (Glory Hole Year) I pretty much became a boy toy for older men. It was 1973, the sexual revolution was in full swing, and pretty much slutting around was not uncommon. I have many fond memories, but a few guys that I had pleasured really stood out.

One was the Hot Dog Guy, no not a pun, he made a fortune in Syracuse setting up street corner hot dog stands where bikini clad women sold them to appetite aroused (This was pun) businessmen. He was a tall well-built guy that drove a large Lincoln and wore a white Stetson, unusual for Syracuse NY at the time. He must have been in his late forties at the time.

Well, one August day I was strolling down the street that I had mentioned earlier, you know the one with the bookstores. When this Lincoln pulls up to the curb, the window came down and this guy says hey, have a second? Well I had been around the block a few times, I knew what that meant and I said sure. I stepped over to the curb and looked inside to see the bulge is his denim and said what’s up. This confident rather good-looking gent said I think you know, and I smiled and said yep, looks like your up what do you have in mind.

He asked if I had a place to go, I answered with what’s wrong with the parking lot, his answer was, too many people know me here. In fact I knew who he was, so I believed that to be a reasonable answer, so I did something I rarely did, I invited him to come to my apartment. He said hop in and 5 minutes later we were there.

Once inside, I locked the door and invited him to sit on my sofa, he said no, just take off your cloths and wait until I tell you what to do. I have to admit that made me a little nervous, but I obeyed and got naked. He then unbuckled his belt and removed it from his jeans. I immediately told him, hey I am not into whippings, he snapped back, shut up, if I wanted to beat you you would already be bleeding, he then took the belt and ran the belt through the buckle as to make a noose. Dropped it over my head and pulled tight slightly chocking me.

Then he said in a quite forceful manner, “You do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you t do it and how I tell you to do it, this belt will tell you when your not complying.”

Ok, I was scared, he then ordered me to unzip his fly, and I did,

“Pull It Out, slowly” he said, “now look at it and tell me what you see!”

I saw a nine-inch semi erect penis. He then pulled on the belt and literally dragged me to the sofa, threw me down and produced a set of hand cuffs, I knew he wasn’t a cop, besides the hand cuffs had a fur lining like those you see in adult novelty stores. But needless too say I was really scared. And asked him to explain.

He answered shut up slut

So here I lay, handcuffed hands behind my back, totally naked except for the leather belt around my neck. I looked up and saw him shed his close, then he walked over, grabbed the belt and led me like an animal into my bedroom. He then laid down, and pulled me over to him, again by the belt, then grabbing my hair which I wore long at the time, shoved my face to groin,

He told me exactly where to kiss, where to nibble, where to lick and where to bite, but would not allow me to swallow his rod, at least not yet. The whole time he kept asking do you like it bitch, and when I wouldn’t answer he would pull on the belt. You know what, I may have still been a bit scared, but I was ultra turned on as well. After about an hour of that game he grabbed my hair and pushed to the floor to my knees swung his legs around and shoved that hard cock down my throat jerking my head up and down violently with both hands fisted full of hair. It seemed like days, I was gagging, chocking but I was no longer scared, I was on fire, soon my head bobbing was forcing his hands and he released his grip and howled some demeaning phrases at me, but I was out of control. A soon rewarded handsomely, and I mean handsomely with six or seven spurts of that luscious hot stuff. He then stood up removed the belt from my neck and shoved my face to the bed, and told me to be still. I could hear him getting dressed but I didn’t dare move. He walked back up to me, unlocked the cuffs, helped me up and told. Me.

“Kid, this was the best sex that I had in at least five years, Can we do this again sometime?”

I wrote down his number.

So tomorrow I will continue with my college years, lot’s of interesting stories there from both sexes.

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