A Submissive Bi Sexual Mans,s Fantasy  

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2/2/2006 10:41 am

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A Submissive Bi Sexual Mans,s Fantasy

I run a small business, I issue directives all day, negotiate sales and purchases like most businessmen. In bed however, let the games begin.

I am often asked what I am into when contacted by an AdultFriendFinder member in search of a good cocksucking. My answer is usually the same, but today I am going to expand on this so perhaps you cum filled depositors will know in advance.

I do NOT want to be pleasured in the normal ways, suck my cock if necessary, but that is not what I need. I much prefer to do the sucking. So here is my fantasy, (One that I lived a few times)

The initial hook up would be with one guy, he would arrange a hotel room or suitable safe place. I get naked get on the floor, he wopuld collar me me and with leash in hand go to the phone and call a friend or two or even three to come over.

They would enter the room, and great my willing master as i licked his feet in a dog style position. I wouldnot be allowed to speak, Ever! My master would comaand me to suck any cock he desired, the others inthe room would laugh and enjoy until thier turn arrives.

My master may offer his friends to fuck me, i would oblige while at the same time looking for another of his friends cocks to suck.

If my master tired of this he might bind me or handcuff me then blindfold me so that I would never see , just taste what ever cock would be driving down my throat.

Perhaps he would enjoy for all of them to spray my face with cum, or he might prefer for me to swallow each of his guest loads, that would be up to him.

The important thing is that during the entire process, I feel used, and get lots of sweet spunk.

My reward when done, would be the honor of swallowing my masters load.

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