I Surrender - Part 1  

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4/20/2006 2:18 pm

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I Surrender - Part 1

I opened up the pathway of the heart
The flowers died embittered from the start

That night I crossed the bridge of sighs and I surrendered

I looked back and glimpsed the outline of a boy
His life of sorrows now collapsing into joy

And tonight the stars are all aligned and I surrender
My lover cries beneath a southern sky and I surrender

Recording angels and the poets of the night
Bring back the trophies of the battles that we fight

Searchlights fill the open skies and I surrender

Outrageous cries of love have called me back
Derailed the trains of thought, demolished wayward tracks

You tell me I’ve no need to wonder why I just surrender

I stand too close to see the sleight of hand
How she found this child inside the frightened man

Tonight I’m learning how to fly and I surrender

I’ve travelled all this way for your embrace
Enraptured by the recognition on your face

Hold me now while my old life dies tonight and I surrender
My lover cries beneath the open skies and I surrender

An ancient evening just before the fall
The light in your eyes, the meaning of it all

Birds fly and fill the summer skies and I surrender

She throws the burning books into the sea
Come find the meaning of the word inside of me

It’s alright the stars are all aligned and I surrender
My lover cries beneath the moonlit skies and I surrender

My body turns to ashes in her hands
The disappearing world of footprints in the sand

Tell me now that this love will never die and I’ll surrender
My lover cries beneath the open skies and I surrender

Have you noticed that the rapidly moving times that we find ourselves in contain some of the more challenging moments in life, not only for you but also for me? There are decisions and choices that bring with them the feelings of edges and endings. Many of us have felt the intensity in such great waves and are beginning to recognize that the voices shouting in the crowds and the streets are the same voices that we hear within. They tell us that there are no secrets, no mysteries, only veiled truths, and we can only begin to understand their sheerness when they cast their shadows in the Sun.

The time has come for me to cast my shadows in your Sun. Our meetings, our dreams, the separations and the departures, it all seems to be much clearer to me now as the endless play on the stage of life.

There are many warm and wonderful memories in which we have shared incredible times and spaces, and yet the sparkle of memories are not forgotten even as lifetimes and years come in-between. Once in a while, they become larger than life, and a bygone existence takes on today’s laughter and tears as if nothing has ever changed. But there are constant changes, transformations, translations, acceptances and even compromises that alter the very fabric of life that has evolved as we now know or understand it to be. And yet amidst all of this, there is one verity or truth that remains constant, and that is change itself, for nothing truly remains the same.

Often times the need to address the situations that we are in, along with the gnawing knowledge of our true potential, is like a coiled serpent inside, wishing to strike with reckless abandon any facet of life that does not meet Honor, Integrity or Love’s standards.

It is difficult to watch myself and to watch you as old patterns are embraced with their inevitable dead ends. I try to be cautious as to not let you bear the brunt of my personal frustrations.
But what is more personal than the bond that is cemented by aeons, tears of both bliss and sorrow, and a deep-seated love of the divine and all that it represents. I flourish under challenge and the depths of demand placed upon me, that is the sweetness from “The Kiss of Destiny” that embraces my soul, and yours.

You have signaled a deep and very dear fragment of my awakening, a fire that has been carefully kindled in my world-space, an all pervading knowledge that has lingered long in my soul. A love that has gone beyond mere body and words, and because of truth has touched me at the very core of my being. Within our essence I felt it all, the sacred keeper of Birthright and Manifestation. Within us I felt Man as, a virtual Knight of the Grail Quest at the Round table of Life itself, a noble guardian of Honor, Inspiration and Courage. Within the Children, our very precious heritage and legacies, I have felt their joyful awe-inspiring innocence filled with a forever trust, relaying an eternal confidence from the very source of life itself in our true destiny.

I have allowed myself, with your graciousness, to experience you and your dreams and there was an infinite quality that spoke highly of you. Yet within my other acres of being and knowing there was a sadness and sorrow that spoke also. It spoke of unmatched moments, of abandoned hopes, of broken hearts and dreams and unmatched beliefs and ideals. Oh, we have cried, and most often alone with our pain and anguish, but were our beings not enriched?

It so often feels as if we are always alone, alone with our evolution and growth, co-operating, co-existing, and collaborating, but always alone. Where is that Goddess Solitude, the one that banishes loneliness, and takes us to the place where Peace lives and the ‘Soul’s Dreams’ are born and flourish?

We have learned the language of many paths, and we have journeyed far, through many worlds and many wonders. We can live this time retracing those old paths or carving new ones.

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