A promotion and a half!  

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3/26/2005 5:11 am

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A promotion and a half!

After the retirement of a work colleague, I had just been promoted to operations manager and was in full stride in the office, some of the girls at work seemed keen on me and I was loving every flirting-minute of it!
We took the chap who was leaving out for a meal and a few drinks, Being only one of three other males amongst 14 women in the office it was always going to be a bit of fun going out with the girls even if my ex, Sue (who also works there) was going as well.
We had a great time and I offered a handful of people that were left, back to my place for a few extra-time drinks, many bottles were downed and one of the girls felt sick and was taken home in a taxi leaving Myself, Nick (i thought), Sue, Debbie and the new girl Kelley who had just started an apprenticeship at the firm and was just out of college.
Debbie was on the phone to her boyfriend for half of the night because they had relationship problems and I admit, I had been keen to bed her from day one! So after keeping tabs on what was going on with her love life and giving up, I tried it on with Kelley! I had instant success kissing her but when I came to put my hand inside her knickers she pulled back and got quite embarrassed “im a virgin” she whispered in my ear “a complete virgin” well, my cock shot through the roof at this point! As she was an extremely sexy young lady, with pert titties and a nice ass. I had to play it cool and ask her if it was ok, she didn’t reply at first but after we had been kissing and touching each other up on the front room sofa for about an hour, I realised that we were all alone and the others had left us to it and gone, so I picked the pint-sized Kelley up made a beeline for the bedroom, she realised what was going on and just started to whisper in my ear again about how much she really wanted to me to “fuck her tight virgin pussy” and how much she wanted to “feel my cock cum inside her”. That was it I was ready to go all-night after hearing this! But when I got outside my bedroom I heard a scream of pleasure from within! Knowing how much of a goer my ex, sue is I immediately recognised her having an orgasm! I thought, damn, nick must be screwing my ex in my bed and I’ve got this horny little virgin minx baying for my rock hard cock.
Kelley didn’t seem to hear the pleasure screams coming from my room so I carried her back into the front room and stripped her naked. “Eat me” she demanded “suck my little clit, hard” she screamed, well I didn’t have any other option to lick out her wet snatch until I had her hips gyrating round my mouth whilst she gently tweaked her nipples to bring her to her first ever orgasm with a man! “Ok, your turn now” I said as she looked at me wearily! I sat on the sofa whilst she fondled my manhood affectionately, she slowly worked my foreskin up and down with her soft nimble hands, I shivered as I felt a single finger trace across and around under my balls, then moaned for her to do exactly that whilst she sucked my knob, as soon as she took it into her mouth the lounge door opened!
There stood Sue, naked, with her arms around Debbie, who was also showing off her amazing body.
Debbie was thrusting her hand between sues legs, “ Kelley was by now sucking my cock like mad and hadn’t noticed the other two girls enter the room, as-If wasn’t intensely enjoying having my cock sucked by an eighteen year old already! And I now have an all-female audience! Debbie just held a finger to her lips as if to say “quiet”
Kelley was getting the hang of giving head by now and was wanking my cock into her mouth more and more aggressively until, Debbie walked up behind her and started to finger her tight hole, Kelley let go of my hard manhood and swung round in shock, and was immediately confronted by sues wet dripping pussy above her.
The poor girl didn’t know what was going on past this point and I just kissed the back of her neck and whispered in her ear “it’s ok just relax and go with the flow” she did and started to lick sues bald pussy area whilst Debbie’s fingering techniques made her moan, I sat back for a second whilst this was all going on said to myself “you’ve hit the jack pot! So dive in!!!!” I did… straight into Debbie’s waiting cunt, which was more than ready to accommodate my hardness, debbie was bent over on all fours licking Kelleys pussy, who lay on the floor with her legs wide spread whilst sue rode her face, the noise of us all moaning in pleasure was so loud and we were all getting off to it!
Sue knew my fetishes and was at an advantage to the other two girls and got up off of Kelley’s face and began to play with my balls and kiss me, as I fucked Debbie doggy style, then she started to lick them and also gently nibble Debbie’s clit as my hard shaft thrust in and out of her hole, that was it for Debbie it sent her over the edge and came so hard on my meat it felt as though she was going to crush it! I pulled out of Debbie and my cock was immediately grabbed by sue “that’s it” she said “Im in charge here now” and threw me backwards onto the sofa, sue sat to my right and Debbie to my left, Kelley started to suck my knob end gently whilst I shoved a couple of fingers into the pussy’s of girls either side of me “NO” said sue and grabbed my hands away from her and Debbie’s holes “its our turn now!” “Yeah its our turn” said Kelley and wanked my cock furiously in front of her face, I tried not to cum and when I got to the point of cumming, all three girls stood up and left me on the sofa “what” I said out loud and stood up “sit down” sue said aggressively and pushed me back onto the sofa again, Debbie said “we cant have you Cumming straight away now can we?” “not when two of us haven’t had your big cock up us yet” I replied by stating that “Kelley has never had a cock up her tight little cunt!” sue looked at Kelley and Kelley nodded her head “well that’s just about to change” said sue and beckoned Kelley to stand up, sue turned her away from me and Debbie grabbed my penis, I then felt Kelley’s smooth ass cheeks against my balls slowly move up to my cock end, Debbie tightened her grip on my knob and sue opened up Kelley’s virgin slot for my rock hard member to invade, Kelley let out a huge gasp as I penetrated her for the first time ever, I just murmured into Debbie’s ear how tight Kelley was, so so tight.
Tight she was and wet just as well because my cock seemed to grow even bigger inside her, Debbie moved round and sat on my face and Kelley slowly began riding me, up and down ever so slowly at first with little moans in between, but increasing in speed with every thrust of her hips, I was ready to cum by now and had a the feeling that sue was up to her tricks again, sure as, there she was with her finger at my ass hole, just shoving enough in to make me cum, deep inside Kelley over and over, I seemed to spunk for a week up this young girl, Kelley shouted “he’s Cumming he’s Cumming and now im Cumming too” and Debbie moved off my face to start tonguing my balls at the same time I came and that was it I moaned louder than ever before. Kelley came hard and Debbie pulled my tumescent member from her now-defunct virgin pussy and sucked it hard until sue grabbed it and licked off the remains of our love juices.
This was all to much for me and I passed out on the sofa and I gather that They all went home to sues in a taxi, Debbie is now single and loving it, sue no longer works for the company but stays in touch with Debbie and Kelley who always makes sure that she can make time for a little overtime at work whenever I’m on late, but that’s another story!

It also turned out my mate nick had gone home with the girl who was sick and knobbed her allnight, now they both wished theyd stayed at mine!!
Roll on the xmas party!

fluffs2 39F

5/22/2005 10:11 am

wow what a fab story, am really wet now!!
wish i was there!

mycockistoobig 41M
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6/11/2005 10:08 am

i can make it happen for you as you are very local to me xxx


6/19/2005 10:34 am

fuck me that was a fab story..took my breath away! wish i was there that night too!

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