attracting... flack!  

mundarikos 41M
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6/26/2006 12:45 am
attracting... flack!

so, my last post seemed to upset a couple of Londoners as they feel my tone was a little critical...
i appear to have suggested that people in the uk are rude and unfeeling...
this is what happened as i was on my home...
on the tube on the way back to heathrow i decided to have a little rest, on went the earphones and down came the shutters, id found my seat in the corner and was happy and content to ride out this final journey in peace...
i was a little suprised when, as we were leaving south kensington, i was disturbed by a firm and unpleasant tapping on my leg that, as i opened my eyes this became a quite insistent banging... kids? no. in fact it was a man in his early fifties banging me on the leg with his cane and looking at me like id stolen his car. I removed my ear pieces and asked what it was he wanted. apparently what he wanted was my seat, irrelevant of the fact that there were five or six seats within the imediate vicinity he wanted the one i was in. for those who dont know, on the tube they have some seats which are marked with an orange sticker to request that you give up the seat if a disabled, elderly or perhaps pregnant woman needs it, a jolly good idea if you ask me... this seat wasnt one of them!
nevertheless, banging away at my leg with his cane, waking me up, this "gentleman" wanted my seat. at my suggestion that there were many spare seats and indicating that i was here so i could remain close to my luggage and ride out my journey without causing an issue to other passengers with my luggage in the walkway this gentleman looked at me as if i had just told him to go fuck his mother!
"I want to sit there" the man replied to me when i pointed the plethora of other available seats.
other tube passengers made their best efforts to ignore what was going on. I considered that maybe he needed an end seat dso he could stratch his leg, perhaps it wouldnt bend and he needed to be able to stretch it in front of him. thining this and as i really wasnt in the mood for arguing, just wanting to get the hell out of there (the country rather than the tube itself) I got up, grabbed all my luggage and relocated to a seat 3 to the left and opposite.
it was at this point i discovered why the gent needed the seat i was in so badly.
did he need it for his ailing leg? no
he needed it so he could rest his head against the partition and go to sleep.
at hounslow he got off, leaving me wondering if he needed the cane at all or if it was just a ploy to get himself a seat at peak times and was, perhaps, a tool that reflected his curmudgenly nature!

there was an article in the evening standard suggesting that londoners are now more rude than the famously brusque new yorkers pre september the 11th , given what i saw, I believe it might just be true.

many kisses

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