I have pictures!  

multipleos4me 47F
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8/10/2006 11:25 am
I have pictures!

Hey everyone, I finally have pictures on my profile and added a photo album with a few pictures. I may get in a mood to add more you never know.

So if you were wanting a picture it is there. Oh and if you are a friend you will see a few other ones, more are to come soon.

Oh and remember that if you email me it is like foreplay. I like foreplay and if you can not say more than "hi I am horny, are you?" then you will never get a chance to know my name, meet up with me or the chance to fuck me. So remember that I like foreplay.

and I can not responsible for the not so nice email back to you as either a quick reply or my new favorite email to send out " if this is your foreplay you are not getting very far!"


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