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3/18/2006 1:32 pm

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addicted to this addicted to that went to sleep early.Iam thinking Iam a little to forward with my pictures.However maby its the way I want it. She was going to dye my hair for a job interview.I recieved 80 dollars for my allowance.I just don,t want to piss it away in lotto scratch off tickets.I would rather not read some of this blogs.She is asleep on the couch or maby faking it.To bad shes not open sexually but there is one fucking crisis situation after another. Haven,t cum for days.I was thinking when I cum again it should special.Well of course inside someone wishful thinking.I would like to moon the person across from where I live he has two fucking yapping dogs and leaves on this spot light all night.The crisis situations for next week: job interview Mon ear appoint Tue and Kidney appoint Wed oh yes maby a work test thrown in there.I had better wrap this up as she will be getting up.I will ost likley take a sleeping pill to crash.The biggest highlight of my day will be scounging some cleaner from but seriously I need to by pass the lotto scatch offs tonight. Have to have too So I exist

Mar 18 2006

Pround owner of a treadmill she reminds me mail that letter (some garage that she has a vendetta against) do I have a vendetta ahh who knows. Iam I sick of nudity and sex well yea well no but where is it going to end she all bussiness .Reminds me to keep up hope get the hell out. Oh whatever

Mar 19,2006

She goes into one of her bipolar moods or whatever its is.It alternates between sleep in the garage sleep in the car etc. Shew wonders why Iam not asleep Iam tryint to fillfill some of her demands.End in the garage a nice respite. Iam depressed she leaves.Off with the clothes,finally jack off to completion,a little bit od anal work as long it works. Umm more of the same tommorow. interview for work new job .Its hard to hard (no not my dick) but here Iam same as before Iam so disenchanted. So cigarette nudity ,I wonder does it matter. More bullshit work kiss ass kiss her ass .

muckrake3 70M

3/18/2006 6:57 pm


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