I don,t know why  

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3/21/2006 1:22 pm

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I don,t know why

My money stash is running low thanks to to the state of texas lotto scatch off I never thought I would be a complusive gambler of a sorts (low budget) I didn,t have the balls to siphon off some cash from her when I had the chance, So now the state of texas and her have screwed me ( with out the vasiline,So thats what no displine does it screws you Ugh I went to the ear doctor hoping for a cure for the ringing in my ears and there isn,t any.He told me I need a hearing aid umm only betgween 500 dollars and 1500 dollars just like the dentist fix you up as good as new for 1500 dollars So what to do I suppose I,ll go through the same old routine tonight like I always do Cigarette nudity nudity +++++++++++
better go she will be up " massage my legs" she is in a bad way I guess kidney problems?? Yep pack your bag cann,t get away from it miserable


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