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mtdude2 56M  
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4/3/2006 10:18 am

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Stuff I like

Here are a few things I like. We are talking physical attributes here, little kinks I have. I wonder if you folks will think I am a little strange am after reading this.

Titties I love um. Big ones and little ones. Women seem to be hung up on their size but its not size that counts. Where have I heard that before? As long as they look good I'm happy but what really gets me going is big nipples. A small aureole and a big nipple do it for me every time. I don't like store bought titties. I have seen too many girls with great tits who got them done just so they would be bigger but it did nothing for their appearance.

Big sloppy pussies. Yep, thats right guy I like em' big. Not loose, but big lips and a big clit will keep me eating at the Y for hours. I think they are very womanly.

When the carpet matches the drapes. Oh, yhea buddy, blonde hair and a matching bush will give me a hardon that can cut diamonds so fast that I get dizzy. But whats even better is red on red. I'm feeling faint just thinking about it.

Trimmed pubes. Not shaved just trimmed up. Landing strip, Hitler mustache or triangle I don't care but come on girls you got to leave a little on top. Just clean it up a little so it's not in the way when I am eating you. I can't forget thats another thing I like but another post all together.

I bet I could think of a few more given a little time but those are the top ones. What do you y'all like? Let me know what little things turn you on that you might think are a little different.

cooltexascouple 55M/53F
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5/9/2006 6:40 pm

we have simular likes /we love hairy pussy especially red heads and red bush

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