I feel like a New Man  

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3/30/2006 8:34 am

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3/30/2006 8:44 am

I feel like a New Man

I just finished a long hot shower and feel great. I love the way I feel when I get out of the shower especially when I was as grubby as I was.

I have not posted for a day or two because I started a new job on monday and the last couple of days have been hectic. Monday was pretty easy but I did about 16 hrs on tuesday got 4 or 5 hours sleep and was back at it on wensday. I got home about 8 last night and just passed out. With the new job when we are busy you work your ass off and when we are slow you take it easy. I am not going to make quite as much money with this job but drop in my stress level makes it worth it. Now I just have to worry about what I'm doing and not about what everyone else is doing as well. I will still have to deal with most of the same people but I will not have to deal with a couple of dickheads that drive me nuts. I should say I won't have to deal directly with them. An example is the conversation I had with my boss yesterday.

Boss- When you go to *** don't *****, just *****

Me- Why?

Boss- Cuase' thats the way the way Dickhead wants it done. Just tell his guy and he will do it.

Me- You know they will forget and blame it on ****

Boss- They already have.

Oh well, par for the course.


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