wanting something  

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1/19/2006 2:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

wanting something

Im sitting here thinking about last night with darganot and I can't help but want more. I want to feel his hands on me, his lips on mine, his tongue inside my mouth, his hands in my hair holding my head while he kisses my neck. Feeling my nipples harden as he touches every inch of my body. My hands touching his body and sliding my nails up and down his back and his chest. Taking him in my hand and feeling how hot and hard he is from wanting me. Feeling myself grow wetter as I want him more and more. He caresses my skin as my knees get weaker. I have to sit down because I can't stand any longer. I pull him towards me and kiss his chest and down his stomach and all around where he really wants my lips. His hands in my hair as I finally reach my goal. Dragging my tongue up and down, feeling him stiffen even more. Finally, taking him in my mouth and down my throat as far as he will go. I hear as he finally lets go of the breath he is holding in anticipation. God how powerful I feel. Knowing I can give him this much pleasure. Knowing how I want to give him more and have him take more from me. Hearing his breathless voice as he tells me how good I am at what I am doing to him.

God I want more.

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