another something new...hehe  

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1/16/2006 5:40 pm

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another something new...hehe

Nothing new going on the last couple days...just been trying to recover from my cold. Went back to work today (oh joy). Had a good weekend, except for being sick and getting my friend darganotsick. We decided to do another something new for me...a little role playing. Its not something I have ever done before or even really thought about before. We set it up to where I didn't know when he was coming over, just that he was. I unlocked the front door for him and sat here in my computer room w/ some music going and a candle burning. Usually when he comes over, I go downstairs and open the door for him, but this time it was kind of like "stranger in the house" type thing. I just have to make sure next time we play that one that I can't hear the door It was still fun though. I acted like I hadn't heard him come in and just kind of stared at my computer looking at things until I felt him standing near me, then I turned around and he had the biggest grin on his was cool. My heart was pounding so loud I swear I thought he could hear it.

We talked about some other ways to make it better, but I liked it the way we did it...just need to get something to make the hinges quiet on the Maybe I'll get adventurous and want to try something else next time. Who knows???

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