Saturday Night  

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1/29/2006 2:15 pm

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Saturday Night

After only sleeping for an hour Friday night/Saturday morning, I thought I would sleep on Saturday...I was wrong I had a dr's appointment Saturday morning and then I came home. Got a call from a friend and we talked for a while, then he had to get back to work and said he would call me later. He called about noon and asked me if i still wanted some company and I said, "sure, come on over." So, he came over and we sat on the couch and talked for a little while. Then we started kissing and touching. Im tellin you, this man knows how to kiss and is smokin hot...have to hose myself down just thinking about it...hehe. Anyway...I started to suck his cock and omg it was nice. It was big and thick, I could barely get my mouth around him, but I did my best I love hearing approval for a good job and he didn't disappoint in his praise of my skills. He started to touch me and loved how wet I was just from having his cock in my mouth. We ended up going to my bedroom to have more room and be more comfortable. I sat on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of me and I started to suck him some more. I was looking up at him and asked how he wanted to fuck me. He told me to lay back and I did. I wanted him so bad and he didn't disappoint. He said he would be back again...

After he left, I jumped in the shower then jumped online and was talking with maria. She asked if I wanted to come over and i said sure. So i went to their place and we hung out most of the evening, didn't leave there til after 1 am. steph came over too.

steph was in on the computer while Master, maria and i were in the living room. W/we were watching tv and just hanging out when Master got out of his pants and maria started to blow Him. OMG that is so hot watching her do that. Master was fingering her while she was sucking Him. It was getting me really horny watching them. After Master made Mmria cum a few times, He called me over and i knelt in front of Him and took his cock in my mouth. i took His cock as far as i could and i almost had it all. Someday i will be able to take all of Him. i must have done a good job for Him because after a while of me sucking Him and Him fingering maria, He told me to stop and give Him a minute. Then He stood up in front of me and i asked Him how he wanted me. "On your back bitch" He told me. i laid down on the floor and lifted my legs to present myself to Him. He got between my legs and slid right in. He makes me so hot and wet. i love feeling Him pound away at me. He makes me cum so good for Him. After He was finished with me, He went back to maria, who was still sitting on the couch watching us. She got on her hands and knees and He got behind her and was fucking her. Got me excited again to watch them. When Master was done with maria, He went into where steph was still on the computer and told her to bend over and He fucked her.

All in all I would say that Saturday night was as good as Friday night...and we still have Sunday night to go yet...

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