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8/30/2006 2:33 pm

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Got some good news today FINALLY....My cardiologist says that I dont have to go see him for 6 months and I can stop my main meds in November...the good part of that is one of the meds is a bloodthinner and i can get a new tattoo in less than 3 months....WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO. I know it might not seem like much but to me its a lot...i'll still have to take the aspirin and the cholesterol meds, but the blood pressure and the bloodthinners will be gone come November 2nd. That will be a year since I had a stent put in my heart.

Things have been going alright lately....just working a lot (47 hrs last week and 57 hrs the week before, but who's counting). That takes up some of my

rm_Smile_My_Way 60M
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9/1/2006 3:16 pm

Always like to hear good news. That's great to hear, sounds like your in a better mood. I know you're looking forward to the new tattoo and maybe you can post it, so we all can see.

msharleygurl replies on 9/1/2006 3:50 pm:
As soon as I get it, I will post a pic of a sis takes pics of all my new work but its been a while since i had anything new done...over a in tattoo withdrawl...hehe

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