almost 2 weeks  

rm_mrrupainter 68M
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8/5/2006 6:50 am
almost 2 weeks

it has been nearly 2 weeks since i joined here. i've recieved 2 winks and 11 looks but no actual contacts. i've sent out many winks. i'm a standard member and august is a tight month. the DMV wants $350 for my vehicle tag. i masturbate every day thinking about pussy. i could stare at a real vagina for hours, days, months, whatever.
yesterday morning i woke from a dream where my dog long ago passed is licking my face. i miss her. my life is so lacking of affection and love and sex. no, i never had sex with my dog.
this morning i woke thinking about death. we all know it is coming to each of us. is it like a distant date we kind of forget about? like an appointment next week or month or the yearly damn DMV tag. when the day arrives, i'm busy doing something else and miss it. only nobody misses their own death.
maybe i'm a little depressed this morning. i wish someone would contact me. i would be happy just to have sex with some girl. i have no conditions. whatever she wants i will do. hello? this feels like masturbation with no climax. probably no one will read it.

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