In perusing the Magazine, we see the repeated question...  

mrmrspeternorth 57M/55F
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8/9/2006 7:37 pm

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3/27/2009 8:19 pm

In perusing the Magazine, we see the repeated question...

[I} "What do Women Want" here...well it's gotta be confusing for the guys, after all, we play around on AdultFriendFinder but then some of us sweeties are so picky that we just never quite seem to hook up. This can come off as generally unfriendly or as...that 90's term "Playah". (Mister and I have dated a few of those.) Just cause you can't make up your mind doesn't mean you are, in fact, the dreaded Player, but be honest people! Speak up, say you don't know what you want! (The North's are the Masters at this! Believe it!)

noirfemme 45F

8/11/2006 11:55 am

Agreed. People play games on here big time!

lustmirror 64M
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9/15/2006 2:48 pm

I have no real wisdom to impart,
I just like to visit a few folks
that I have a good feeling about...

I think most of us have wants
that are "so personal'we tend to hide them
rather than have them get that
'first dent' from a shopping cart
run wild in the parking lot.

If we are older,
we have taken our 'good memories'
and built them into some kind of
epic movie...
While we are possibly looking for more,
we won't let go of even a little bit
of the misrepresented memories
that we cherish.

And like so many other things in life,
which we have put off for so long
when we finally get into the water,
we don't want to leave,
even though day's light is setting...

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 48F

9/21/2006 6:25 pm

hmmm, i don't think women play games on purpose....i think most have a low self esteem and being on this site, fantasizing, having men email them makes them feel good. better. best. but most importantly. it makes them feel wanted.

everyone wants that.

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