could it get worse ?  

mrhmonk 45M
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6/25/2006 2:02 pm
could it get worse ?

well no !!
i guess carma is getting me back for having a damn good weekend. i got off my late shift friday morning and got home at about 3am only to find some $%&^*£$ w$6)*& had nicked my bike right outside my house AARRRGGGGGHHHHH !!!!!!.
You might say "well it's only a piece of metal" and you would be stating the obvious. It took me four months to repair it and it is a rare model.
Not only that, who ever took it, removed my choice to ride when ever i wanted. just imagine if you will, going in to hospital for an ingrowing toe nail and waking up the next day to find that the surgeon has chopped off your leg by mistake. Hope they crash and burn the B%^&£(***s.
ON a lighter note it means I can go and get a bigger better one. HAPPY DAYS.

MR Monk x x x x

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