The nature of Grim  

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3/22/2006 3:58 pm

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The nature of Grim

"would raise grim shades here"

A simple line I stole from a book long ago. In summary a woman is afraid to enter the hills of the dead. We someone enters the hills, all of their dead come forth and challenge the living.

My dead matches her situation. Both parents dead, and guilt on my soul due to lack of action..or bravery? I atone now by challenging death, by fighting fires, or responding to the injured. Luckily, I have not watched someone die (yet) under my EMT care, but I heard the helicopters scamper off with the wounded. I felt more death than people twice my age, with the death of all my grandparents, father, mother, and brother.

But ha! No one I work know this, and I just share this a a base explanation of my name and past.


..and what does your name mean?

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