The monkey escapade  

mrgrimshade 45M
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5/31/2006 1:55 pm

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1/4/2007 6:34 pm

The monkey escapade

Last week I went clubbing with my pet monkey, Monkey. We were almost threw out, but I promised he would be good. When I got started playing pool, Monkey jumped up on the table and ate the damn cue ball.

After a frightful week, we went back, and promised to be good and not even play pool. We sat at the bar and ate peanuts. Before each nut, monkey would shove it up his ASS and then eat it. My friends finally gave in and asked what the HELL was wrong with the damn monkey now...I explained after monkey's episode last week, he has to try to fit his food up his ASS before he eats it, especially after trying to pass a damn cue ball!


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