I had a revelation....  

mrgoodhands423 60M
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10/16/2005 10:23 pm

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I had a revelation....

Well, here it is. It came to me as I was driving back from a meeting that didnt happen. I drove, a long way, without the curtesy of a "go to hell" phone call. I was angry at first, then as I drove, I thought, the people on AdultFriendFinder are like politicians. That's right. They tell you want they will do for you, they ask you to believe them, and go out of your way, sometimes incurring expense that you shouldnt have to realize the benefit of choosing them. After you choose them and they tell you about the benefits of choosing them, you would expect to see some evidence of the good. Well, you think, this person will be better than the last one. Their speach was great, the promises were enticing, and the thought of actually getting what was promised to you is at times intoxicating.
So you go where they ask you to go, do what they ask you to do and wait. And wait... And wait...... Then you realized you were duped, tricked, lied to. Taken advantage of. Just like when we vote. I'm not calling for people to stop voting, but damn it, someone do something that they said they would do.
Now no matter which party you choose, there are always disappointments, broken promises, deeds performed that were not as they were outlined. And you ask yourself, Do they all come from AdultFriendFinder? Do they join AdultFriendFinder after they are elected? IS AdultFriendFinder political training? Now in AdultFriendFinder and public service, there are good ones too. But in the fairytale of life, we must kiss alot of toads before we find our prince/princess. So lets find out, who has warts on their lips? Write me, I'd like to hear other people's experiences Frank

CountryLover56 61F

10/18/2005 9:12 pm

I've been stood up a few times. It's one of life's less pleasant experiences. Just shrug your shoulders, give them one chance to make a reasonable explanation (I missed a long distance meeting because all the kids came down with strep throat the night before). If it happens again - write 'em off.

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