My best day at work.....  

mrbichote 56M
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5/28/2006 7:06 pm
My best day at work.....

Sometimes you get tired of being in the rat race. Working from paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show for. But sometimes, things can happen that will make you feel Happy that you are alive.
I was ready to end my shift at the medical lab I work for when a patient was knocking on the door. It was after closing hours and I was the last person in as usual. I normally ignore phones and door knocks but I was closing a computer station that was next to the front window.
She was blond, in her mid 30's, with a little extra padding but otherwise a nice figure. She had a summer dress with a low cut that was revealing her ample cleavage. I walked to the front door and unlocked it. I greeted her with a smile and an appraisal look at her figure. She noticed that I was checking her out and for a moment I saw a twinkle in her green eyes.
I explained that we were closed for business and she could return tomorrow. She pleaded for me to take care of her and I simply could not resist. I looked at her paperwork and since she had just a routine blood work and urine samples i decided to go ahead and do it.
I took her in one of the rooms and prepped her for a blood draw. I usually talk and joke with all my patients, and I love to flirt with my females. But I noticed that our flirting was very acute and direct. I slightly caressed her arm while looking for a vein and her skin was so soft and warm. I could feel her goose pimples all over.When I leaned over to stick her she leaned her beautiful chest cloe to my face. I was afraid to miss the vein with such a huge distraction. The atmosphere was electric and i found myself getting wet and hard.
I walked her to the bathroom so she could give me a urine sample and I handled her a cup and cleaning wipes. I opened the door for her and she walked in with a moment's hesitance and I waited outside the door. No even a minute later she opened the door slowly and with a very devilish smile she told me that she needed help.
I floated over to her and found myself in with her. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and she had no underwear. Her pussy was a furry blond and her throbbing clit was shiny wet and sticking out. I wiped her pussy clean with a wipe and held the cup between her legs while she moaned and giggled. She peed in a hard and loud gushing stream and when she finished I placed the sample cup on the shelf, stood her up and knelt in front of her. I cleaned her pussy again with another wipe and my mouth closed around that beautiful furry bush. My tongue ran up and down her clot and lips and she swayed with her eyes closed i an Ecstasy dance.
My hands found her ass cheeks and I just kept on eating her. Suddenly my finger, wet from her juices found its way up her ass and before she reacted to it I bit her clit and held it between my teeth. I flicked the tip of my tongue fast over her pinched clit while she screamed out in pleasured and twitched all over. She came hard and she squirted right in my mouth. I thought I was going to pop a load right there. She came down on her knees and gave me a blow job that no one has come close to giving me before. Wen I blew my load in her mouth she sucked and swallowed so hard that when I pulled my cock of her mouth it was bone dry. She got herself together, gave me a slow passionate kiss and just like nothing happened she thanked me for my services and walked out the lab.
I wanted to lay her down in an examination table and fuck the shit out of her. I had visions of dressing her in nothing but a lab coat and pound her like a mallard duck. But I knew better to ask. She came for a pregnancy test and I left it at that...What a day...

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