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4/28/2006 10:03 am

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sweet maid

My wife and I ran across this sexy little 19 year old that asked us if we needed a maid/sex slave. " Are you serious?" we asked." I am a great housekeeper and a nympho who loves large cocks and wet pussies"! She said that she needed a place to stay for a little while and would clean our house and do our sexual bidding as long as we wanted her to. She was the cutest little thing with a shaved pussy, a tight little ass and a sex drive that matched mine. She was always up for anything, ( and I do mean ANYTHING!) My wife has always said that she wishes there was another female who could service me half the time because she can't handle my sexual appetite. Our new maid could!
We bought her a skimpy little maid outfit, which she loved to wear while she was cleaning our house. We loved it too. She was so cute and sexy! The first day I had off and my wife had to work. Before she left she told me to enjoy our new maid and gave me a kiss. I didn't want to seem to desperate or anxious, however, as she began to clean the house half naked I had a raging hardon that was trying to find its way out of my pants when she turned to me and asked if there was anything she could do for me. Then she reached out and grabbed my crotch. How bout with this? It was on! In seconds my pants were off and she was devouring my cock with surprisingly experienced lips. Let me taste that sweet little shaved pussy of yours! Young and sweet, wet and smooth. After making her squirm and beg for my cock, I took my cock (which was harder than it had been since I was 19!) and shoved it in her tight little box! She let out a scream and was cumming immediately! "Your big cock feels so good in my pussy"!, "fuck me hard"! Which I did with everything I have for at least 15 more minutes! Her body started convulsing and shuttering! "Oh MY GOD"! she said."I want your cum"! and spun around quickly and tried to shove my cock so far down her throat she gagged. That didn't stop her! She began to suck my cock as hard as she could. "I'm going to cum"!,I said. Then she rammed my cock deep in her throat! ( I think by accident ) as I shot my load so hard that she couldn't contain it all as it came out both sides of her mouth and straight down her throat all at once! She was quite the trooper and continued to swallow as much as she could get down her throat like a pro.We both collapsed in exasty! "Next time",she said, " I want that big cock in my ass"! I gave her a big smile, and within an hour I had my cock buried in that tight little ass!"When your wife gets home all three of us will have some fun". That evening we did......I'll write about that next time.

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