rm_mr_exia 36M
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11/13/2005 3:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


You don't know what you want anyway. Who is the you I'm refering to? That would be the females on this site, ages 18-30. You all want mr perfect and guess what? He doesn't exist! You know its bad when even the slutty girls are looking for mr perfect lol. If somebody goes through the trouble of sending you a message, have the decency to answer back. Even if you're not interested. Atleast so they don't waste anymore time messaging you. Also if you do return a message indicating you wanna chat somemore or whatever, mean it. Don't just say it then never return anymore messages from that person. Common courtesy! Is it too much to ask for ladies?

LadyFantasy68 50F
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11/13/2005 4:16 am

Well gee, you call the women slutty because they are on here and wonder why no response. Get real and start treating women with respect and you might get somewhere.

rm_RxSUGAR 62M
102 posts
11/13/2005 5:59 am

Lady has a good point there!!! Mr I am old enough to be your dad,maybe granddad. And if I can keep looking despite the fakes,popularity seekers,married women,chicks with male size egos,teasers,users,abusers,nose punchers,eye pokers,jaw slappers,nut crackers,sluts,fat ugly chicks with their neighbors picture up (lol),,,,I just reread this to check my spelling and thats it,,,,I give up!

rm_mr_exia 36M

11/14/2005 5:22 am

Did not call all woken on here slutty. But yes some are, and so are some of the guys. Anyone can be a slut. I do treat women with respect(the ones that deserve respect, anyway). But that doesn't really count now days anyway.

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