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8/13/2006 1:55 pm

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who would like tantric sex? i guess that's what i've done sometimes, where i go for 3 hours plus nonstop. The girl orgasms like crazy but i only cum once. i enjoy hearing her moan and scream with pleasure. on the other hand i've also cum 3 times in an hour before. ha, so either way....

LoyalOximeShred 43F

8/13/2006 2:59 pm

I bought a book on Tantric Sex a few years ago but unfortunately it reads like a lab manual. Could you perchance give some details as to what you do... you know, to appease we older horny fems on here?

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mrBig2187 31M

8/13/2006 7:38 pm

um hard to explain, i kinda just do it...next time i do it, that could be a while unfortunately, i'll keep notes in my head and let u know haha. how does it work for women because there isnt really a limit to their orgasms? I know some of ur orgasms are more powerful than others and some like it more than many smaller orgasms. i've heard tantric has to do with getting close to orgasm then pulling back and then it all turns into a massive orgasm. ive never actually read anything on tantric so from my point of view.. you have to be aware of what your doing, what your feeling .my focus is entirely on me and her, like how my dick feels sliding into her, how wet she is, how fast am i going, how deep am i going, what angle am i going in at, how do her tits feel, her legs, i guess its just acknowledging and disacknowledging all the sensations you are feeling until you climax .....srry that's the best i can do. im not even sure if what i do is tantric or just really long sex haha

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