Unnerving Obsession  

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1/31/2006 2:55 pm

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Unnerving Obsession

textUnnerving Obsession

It started as an answer to fulfill a need
But it grew--it grew far beyond
Beyond the need, it grew to a point near obsession
A burning, a yearning to gain possession
Possession of something, something beyond my reach
I prayed, and I cried, I hollered, and I beseeched
Yet, nothing I did brought me closer
Closer to that elusive object of desire
I crouched, I stretched, I cowered, and I stood tall
But no matter how much effort I put forth
Be it casual, concerted, or merely ignored
It all added to the same sum

One day, to an Epiphany I was led
And finally, the burning, yearning and dread
Was replaced by solace, acceptance and peace
An inner peace of one whom finally understands
Understands the basic, simple, and self-evident
And accepts the serenity of that which is
Not trying to change what is
To what could be, or what in one's mind should be
The wisdom that was always present
But that the mind would not acknowledge
That for which all others knew to be true
And few accept for fear of losing the quantity know

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