Spring has sprung  

morewickedhobbit 56M/51F
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3/21/2006 3:02 pm
Spring has sprung

Well it would appear that spring has sprung. The weather is no clue as to this but raging hormones are a real tip-off!!

I haven't been updating my blog partly because there really hasn't been alot to update and partly because I'm just plain behind and lazy. If you've written us and have gotten no reply I do apologize. I try to reply to everyone in a somewhat timely manner and I just haven't gotten around to it lately.

Please write us again and I promise to do better. I'm the half of us who's a bit on the pagan side and really get into the whole Ostara/Beltane swing of things which means it's totally time to play!! For those of you who don't know Ostara is a celebration of Spring and Beltane of fertility and the acts leading to it. This is the time of year for joy in one's sexuality.

I can hear my wild side calling and so I'd best go and perhaps find update material. Celebrate the Spring and rejoice in your body and it's pleasuring as well as the ability to give pleasure.

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