Happy Holidays!!  

morewickedhobbit 56M/51F
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12/26/2005 4:40 pm

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7/31/2006 11:24 am

Happy Holidays!!

So, I survived the holidays, barely. Didn't get coal in my stocking, darnit, must not have been naughty enough, lol.

I tried this post before and everything on the computer crashed so it must have been okay, lol. Guess I'll try again!!

This fellow that this post is about I met on AdultFriendFinder. We've known one another for a bit and have met a couple of times. He's very sweet and very nice. A bit older than me and quiet he's also nicely endowed and very pleasing. Just so that you know, the names in my posts have been changed to protect the guilty!!, lol.

So the other day Jake calls me and invites me over to his office. We sit and chat a bit catching up on what we've been up to. It's cold outside and I'm needing to be warmed up. His office is such that it's quiet but still open to intrusion. I guess that's part of the spice of it all, the excitement of possibly getting caught. As we sit there I'm thinking and getting wetter and wetter. I know he's called me for one specific purpose that day and it's not to chat. I move closer to him and he looks up at me as I move to stand between his legs with my hands around his neck. He just looks up at me, smiles and starts to play with my ass through my pants.

I slid a hand down to his crotch to see what I can find (!) and find out he's been thinking too!!

Pretty much nothing is said as we disrobe and he ssettles in his chair. I drop to my knees on the tthick carpet and take his cock into my hands. I llove having a man's cock in my mouth, I don't know why but it has to do with the power over him. First I just tease the tip of his cock with my tongue tasting the pre-cum on his head. I start to tease him with my teeth and lips as he tangles his hands in my hair. I hear him groaning as I slide his cock further into my mouth, gulping him in deep. His cock isn't huge but it's very nice sized, just right for a snack. I imagine what he's feel: my hot, moist mouth, the softness of my lips, how I'm sucking him in deep. I'm taking him further and further into my mouth so that his cock is filling up my mouth and I'm feeling the heat of him focused in his cock. I feel him deep in my mouth, at the back of my throat and I know he can feel how deep he is inside my mouth. He has my hair in his hands so that he can pull it back and get the visual of his cock buried in my face, my lips wrapped around his red, throbing cock. I swallow a bit so he can feel the constriction of my throat around him and he groans. I love this feeling, mouth full of cock and feeling rather powerful and slutty at the same time. Anyone could walk in and we're naked in his office, me, knelt on the floor between his legs with his cock buried in my face.

I suck him deeper and then pull his cock out. I lick him from the base of his shaft up to the tip and then put the tip in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. The cold afternoon is long since forgotten and I'm getting wetter and wetter. I suck one of his balls into my mouth and then the other. I go back to his cock and he has me by the back of my head and is fucking my mouth. He pulls his cock out and wonders if I would like to lie down.

Feeling VERY slutty I lie down in his office, aware that the door is just to my left and I am butt-naked on his floor with my legs spread wide and my pussy glistening with juice. He drops down on top of me and shoves his cock into me hard. We've been here before and it's all about sensation between us. I gasp as his cock enters me so abruptly and spread my legs wider. I watch as his eyes roll back in his head and he starts bucking like a bronco in my pussy. Although in the past he's done amazing oral on me today there's no time for it, he and I both are deep in lust from the good sucking I had just given him. I pull my knees up so he can get deep into me and feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. With a little motivation I can soak us both and I'm motivated! It's quick, he's fucking me hard and I'm loving it. I can't spread my legs enough and I want every inch of his cock in me hard and deep.

We're both breaking a serious sweat and I hear him ready to cum in me. With a couple of last thrusts he fills my pussy. I feel pulses of cum shooting into me over and over and I'm clinging to him as he does it. His cumming is making me cum as well, hard, and I know that he's feeling my pussy grab hold of his cock. I'm pretty tight, or so I've been told and so it's got to be a good ride for him.

As he pulls out our mixed cum drips onto his carpet and we both collapse next to one another. My pussy continues to twitch from my orgasm and a bit more cum leaks out. As I dress I feel his cum drenching my panties and wonder if there's going to be a wet spot on my clothes.

As I leave we wish one another "happy holidays". Maybe we can hook up again next week?

tallishblonde 56M
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12/29/2005 7:12 pm

well, well...... THAT little episode got me hard !
you could come to my office anytime ...... ; )~

morewickedhobbit 56M/51F
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1/2/2006 11:01 am

Oh really? Hmmm, I'm trying to get to emails today because I have quite a few but you sent a thrill down to my nether regions from you comment. Thank you and I WILL be emailing you!!

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